Friday, June 08, 2012


If you raise the question of car accidents there are not many people who haven’t had one at some point in their lives. Today was one of those days in our house, and I thank god my daughter is alright. As parents of teens and young adults it isn’t until something serious happens that it brings home how fiercely we love them. We say it, and know it, but that moment of gut wrenching fear as a mother is my undoing.


What is probably the most frustrating aspect of it is that even though our children know we love them the truly don't understand just how deep that love goes. The will laugh and make fun of us, for being sentimental, or mushy. Telling us we are smothering them at times, or worrying about nothing.
My youngest is going to be 19 in a few short weeks, and as I stood in the grocery store on my lunch break, and listened to her telling me what had happened I felt my stomach drop to my feet and the world close in, in a heartbeat.
Despite my  daughters assurance that she would be fine I could hear the heartache in her voice and knew I needed to get home asap both for her and for me. There is no terror quite like knowing how close to harm a loved one has come. Nor is there any relief from the terror that seizes your heart until you can see for yourself that yes they are in one piece and ok. There is nothing on this earth I wouldn’t do to protect my children from harm and I am sure that is a sentiment many parents feel.
As I walked through my front door there she was. My youngest, just opening my arms and knowing I was there to hug her and hold her so she could cry made this decision the right one. Seeing for myself that she was shaken and had, had a bad scare told me I was where I belonged.
The truck is totaled, yet I am thankful she was in the truck rather then her car or it could have been a very different phone call today. Accidents happen every day, so remember to hug your kids as often as you can. Even though they may complain just laugh and tell them to suck it up anyway. Tomorrow could very easily have been taken from us and I cannot think of the empty place  my world would be without her in it.


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