Sunday, June 10, 2012


Until about a week ago I hadn’t heard about the zombie attacks on people. First in Miami Fla and then in Maryland. There are zombie bullets, bath salts that seem to be the “cause” of this mess. What is interesting is people are actually excited about this. Why I am not sure, you know things must be bad when a naked man eating the face off  of another while growling like a dog  is the excitement for the day. Pretty sick behavior if you think about it.
How stupid does a person have to be to take a drug called bath salts which is similar to LSD. This drug seems to be the cause that is being blamed for this behavior, with that said. Why would anyone with half a brain take something they know could possibly cause that? Cannibalism isn’t unheard of, yet as a society we do know its wrong. Just think about how many reacted to Jeffrey Dahmer, he didn’t last too far past his trial. I don't think there is anyone who didn’t think he was nuttier than a bed bug. 

This craze or fascination with zombies probably does come from movies where incidentally the idea for zombie bullets came from. It was a gimmick for a bullet brought about by the companies owners love for zombie movies and is selling like hot cakes. Although truthfully it is just another bullet.
Are there zombies, well if you look in some cultures there are certain drugs that seem to have that effect especially in cultures that believe and deal in voodoo. There is a parasite that will take over a rat and make the rat get eaten by a cat because supposedly the only place it can reproduce is inside of a cat's intestines. Yes I really did read that.
On one hand many of us love zombie movies, and games which do seem to be all over the place today. Starting with “Dawn of the Dead” and “Night of the Living Dead” leading up to the series of “Resident Evil” movies (my favorite).
Could some schmuck in a lab do something stupid that could create a zombie or killing machine, I would have to say yes. Anything is possible today. Are we stupid enough to do such a thing, “UM YEAH” I think we have already proven that one to ourselves, a hundred times over. We are at a point where science has learned to isolate genes and create clones of animals, so truthfully you decide for yourself do we have to technology to make zombies?

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