Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Jersey If You Cant Take The Heat Get Off The Road

New Jersey Drivers
New Jerseyans have one very unique distinction, our drivers are perhaps the most aggressive and demonstrative in the country. We complain about anyone who doesn’t move at a high rate of speed when we are in a hurry. We are a diverse group of people and we make gestures at people who drive too slow or are being just plain stupid. In general many of us figure no one should have a license unless they drive like us.

A Monday morning on the parkway in the summer or Friday afternoon can be described as the epitomey of hell on earth. Try getting to or from work in that traffic and you will know what we deal with. Our tourist are labeled as “Bennies” because they apparently don't know how to drive either and regularly clog up our roadways every summer with their yuppie sports cars and poor driving skills. 

So you may ask why are our drivers so angry and aggressive? Well for starters New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country. Too many people. Secondly we are in the top ten of states that have the highest number of senior citizen residents. That wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t such a small state.

In the summer the shear number of out of staters and globe trotters that flock to the Jersey Shore can be overwhelming. “No most of us are smart enough to understand that the show “The Jersey Shore” isn’t about us but tourists who pretend to be like us and aren't even close.” If you live at the shore in the summer you have to know where not to drive unless you like being parked in traffic with a bunch of people who don't know our roadways. 

Yes we can be rude when you drive like your grandmother. We move fast and don't generally do Sunday drives unless we are feeling ornery. Our governor is blunt and to the point, he doesn’t sugar coat our rules of the road so why should we? If you aren’t prepared to be yelled at, flipped off, or cut off when you stop in the middle of a two lane highway, when you're stupid then dont vacation here. Stay at home or go to the Bahama’s. Many of us work have kids in sports, scouts, or things to do so to be nice get out of the way or stay in the slow lane. After all would you like it if we all came to your neighborhood and clogged up your roadways, and then didn’t even bother to obey the rules of the road?

So here is some advice if you're coming to visit, go with the flow of traffic. If your lost pull over the right way.  Clean up after yourself we don't want your garbage. Don’t treat us like we have low IQs we aren’t stupid. Lastly try to remember we live here you're a guest behave like one and toughen up if you're going to drive here. New Jersey not a place for wussies........

Friday, July 27, 2012

We All Argue At Some Point

We All Argue With Someone

Have you ever had that person who pushes you over the edge? You know that one individual who makes you want to eat nails or as my kids say,"pinch a baby" because they annoy you so much. 

For most of us there is someone in our lives who is like that. They always have to be right so they argue every single point as if it were life or death. You’re not alone if you know someone like that  who torments you on a daily basis. Does it mean you're weak? No, not really it just means that they need to argue. It’s their issue not yours.  Yes its true there are some people who actually seem to need to argue to be happy.

It's something I cut out of my own life for a number of years by working when they would be sleeping. But the thats not really living your life, for me it was more a matter of hiding from the obvious that was in my own world. Yes you could say I am a bit of a coward when it comes to arguing it isn’t my favorite thing to do. Yet when it is something that matters to me I can dig in with the best of them.

People who argue constantly can be draining both emotionally, spiritually and physically. Being around them does seem to just suck the energy right out of a person and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in their vicinity.One thing I did learn being on my own without the constant emotional drain of an arguer was that I found myself in a better mood at work, home and in my day to day life. I was able to connect again with my own passion as a person. I found my laughter and my soul again which truthfully I didn’t realize I had lost. We all take journeys in life and mine took me into the life of a born arguer which fortunately armed me to some degree to deal with my own arguer, and all of her passion for what she feels strongly about. I find I can better appreciate her for who she is, and why she is the way she is.

You can learn to limit this by laying down a few ground rules. One is “Leave your drama at the door,” another is to limit how much you actually sit and listen to them before you change the subject. If push comes to shove though you can always say, “I really understand you have strong feeling about this but I really don't want  to talk about  something so negative and beat it like a dead horse. Sorry. Hows the weather?” In some instances I have found that just limiting your contact and making sure they understand why, can get them to knock it off. No matter what you need to control the situation and guide it to a healthier discussion. You will help them find their own laughter and yours as well.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tragedy That Makes No Sense To Anyone

Tragedy In Life
Unless you live under a rock I don’t believe there isn’t anyone who has not heard about the shooting in  Aurora, Colorado. This event was so devastating and shocking because the young man who did this was not what many would  have stereotypically expected him to be. A grad student ready to work on a  Phd in neuroscience. All too often we forget that the nice young man or woman next door who always did good in school could very well be just like this young man.  

As I drove in my truck to work and listened to the tape that was played by a local radio station I could feel myself choking up and crying at the pure sickness someone would have to have inside of them to do this.As I listened to the cry's and calls for help I was sickened by the picture it put in my head. My own daughter had been to the midnight showing that night here in New Jersey. All too easily it could have been here in  New Jersey, or anywhere for that matter. I felt relieved that it wasn’t a horror I would have to face myself as a parent. My heart and prayers go out to the families who were affected by this unnecessary tragedy.

As I continued to listen to the broadcast by 101.5 and heard what many callers had to say about these events I have to say. It always blows me away when I hear just what people want to focus on. One caller  felt there needed to be better gun control, and felt that he had an arsenal of weapons and why should he be allowed to buy so many guns. “No what he had was not an arsenal.”

I do take exception to that  ignorant mindset that weapons are the problem. It isn’t the weapons that are the problem its the people using them that are. There are many many individuals in this country who collect guns both antique and new. Never ever would they even think of doing something so twisted. To penalize the many for the actions of the few is just plain wrong and ignorant. Its a move that has not worked in the past and frankly I would rather not give up the right to own a firearm if I so chose.

In this country what so many of us fail to understand is the majority of people who live here don't want to live in a protected bubble where we give up all of our rights one at a time. Yes bad things sometimes happen but that is as much a part of life as the good things that happen.

So is it the movie industries fault, NO is it the gun manufacturers fault, NO. James Holmes is very smart and methodical man, who chose to open fire on a theatre of innocent moviegoers.  Is it his responsibility? YES ABSOLUTELY. 

 Maybe what really needs to change is how we handle our criminals and how they are punished for their crimes. Instead of sending them to a facility where they get 3 square meals a day, clothing, tv, free medical care, and the opportunity to go to school for free at a obscene cost to the American public, maybe that needs to change into a real punishment. Drop him in a pit of wild pigs it may be barbaric but it would probably stop others from ever doing the same thing.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime When We All Need a Break

Getting set up for school, choosing classes, having summer visitors go home is all part of the end of what is my summer. It always amazes me how quickly that time flies and how expensive it can be. We don't think about the birthdays holidays and events that take place over the summer. I often find myself just breathing a sigh of sadness and yes relief that life will go back to normal. Well as normal as it gets in  my house.

With going back to work full-time I have to admit I have some concerns about the upcoming semester in college. Juggling under the most ideal situations can be hectic and crazy but this is more, even for me. So there is child care,  dog care, work, family, bills, the yard/garden, my relationship with Tom and school to worry about. It doesn’t get easier for anyone life just is what it is and we all adjust for what comes. 

This summer was full of good moments and some extremely scary ones. The good was the real family time we got to spend with each other, and finding a job that I actually love to do. The bad was health issues with loved ones,loss of a beloved family pet and Gunny our bulldog was diagnosed with epilepsy after she suffered from several seizures.She has adjusted and so have we. There are now just an extra couple of steps in my day.
The bittersweet for me is watching my stepdaughter go home which she did today. It always makes me just a little sad when she leaves as she fits right in with us when she is here.
That isn’t to say that it can't be a challenge dealing with a teenage girl and their unique set of quirks. They sleep more stay up late eat an interesting diet of foods and are in fact often like aliens with their personalities during these important years. For me though it is something I know as I have lived through it 3 times already now and I tend to find it more amusing than anything. Tom however is completely stumped by it and just gives me that look that says females are all crazy and make no sense. 

I hope that everyone is having a safe and interesting summer with their families. We all have lives and each one matters the trick is to appreciate each moment we have for what it is.

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