Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Jersey If You Cant Take The Heat Get Off The Road

New Jersey Drivers
New Jerseyans have one very unique distinction, our drivers are perhaps the most aggressive and demonstrative in the country. We complain about anyone who doesn’t move at a high rate of speed when we are in a hurry. We are a diverse group of people and we make gestures at people who drive too slow or are being just plain stupid. In general many of us figure no one should have a license unless they drive like us.

A Monday morning on the parkway in the summer or Friday afternoon can be described as the epitomey of hell on earth. Try getting to or from work in that traffic and you will know what we deal with. Our tourist are labeled as “Bennies” because they apparently don't know how to drive either and regularly clog up our roadways every summer with their yuppie sports cars and poor driving skills. 

So you may ask why are our drivers so angry and aggressive? Well for starters New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country. Too many people. Secondly we are in the top ten of states that have the highest number of senior citizen residents. That wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t such a small state.

In the summer the shear number of out of staters and globe trotters that flock to the Jersey Shore can be overwhelming. “No most of us are smart enough to understand that the show “The Jersey Shore” isn’t about us but tourists who pretend to be like us and aren't even close.” If you live at the shore in the summer you have to know where not to drive unless you like being parked in traffic with a bunch of people who don't know our roadways. 

Yes we can be rude when you drive like your grandmother. We move fast and don't generally do Sunday drives unless we are feeling ornery. Our governor is blunt and to the point, he doesn’t sugar coat our rules of the road so why should we? If you aren’t prepared to be yelled at, flipped off, or cut off when you stop in the middle of a two lane highway, when you're stupid then dont vacation here. Stay at home or go to the Bahama’s. Many of us work have kids in sports, scouts, or things to do so to be nice get out of the way or stay in the slow lane. After all would you like it if we all came to your neighborhood and clogged up your roadways, and then didn’t even bother to obey the rules of the road?

So here is some advice if you're coming to visit, go with the flow of traffic. If your lost pull over the right way.  Clean up after yourself we don't want your garbage. Don’t treat us like we have low IQs we aren’t stupid. Lastly try to remember we live here you're a guest behave like one and toughen up if you're going to drive here. New Jersey not a place for wussies........

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