Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime When We All Need a Break

Getting set up for school, choosing classes, having summer visitors go home is all part of the end of what is my summer. It always amazes me how quickly that time flies and how expensive it can be. We don't think about the birthdays holidays and events that take place over the summer. I often find myself just breathing a sigh of sadness and yes relief that life will go back to normal. Well as normal as it gets in  my house.

With going back to work full-time I have to admit I have some concerns about the upcoming semester in college. Juggling under the most ideal situations can be hectic and crazy but this is more, even for me. So there is child care,  dog care, work, family, bills, the yard/garden, my relationship with Tom and school to worry about. It doesn’t get easier for anyone life just is what it is and we all adjust for what comes. 

This summer was full of good moments and some extremely scary ones. The good was the real family time we got to spend with each other, and finding a job that I actually love to do. The bad was health issues with loved ones,loss of a beloved family pet and Gunny our bulldog was diagnosed with epilepsy after she suffered from several seizures.She has adjusted and so have we. There are now just an extra couple of steps in my day.
The bittersweet for me is watching my stepdaughter go home which she did today. It always makes me just a little sad when she leaves as she fits right in with us when she is here.
That isn’t to say that it can't be a challenge dealing with a teenage girl and their unique set of quirks. They sleep more stay up late eat an interesting diet of foods and are in fact often like aliens with their personalities during these important years. For me though it is something I know as I have lived through it 3 times already now and I tend to find it more amusing than anything. Tom however is completely stumped by it and just gives me that look that says females are all crazy and make no sense. 

I hope that everyone is having a safe and interesting summer with their families. We all have lives and each one matters the trick is to appreciate each moment we have for what it is.

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