Friday, July 27, 2012

We All Argue At Some Point

We All Argue With Someone

Have you ever had that person who pushes you over the edge? You know that one individual who makes you want to eat nails or as my kids say,"pinch a baby" because they annoy you so much. 

For most of us there is someone in our lives who is like that. They always have to be right so they argue every single point as if it were life or death. You’re not alone if you know someone like that  who torments you on a daily basis. Does it mean you're weak? No, not really it just means that they need to argue. It’s their issue not yours.  Yes its true there are some people who actually seem to need to argue to be happy.

It's something I cut out of my own life for a number of years by working when they would be sleeping. But the thats not really living your life, for me it was more a matter of hiding from the obvious that was in my own world. Yes you could say I am a bit of a coward when it comes to arguing it isn’t my favorite thing to do. Yet when it is something that matters to me I can dig in with the best of them.

People who argue constantly can be draining both emotionally, spiritually and physically. Being around them does seem to just suck the energy right out of a person and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in their vicinity.One thing I did learn being on my own without the constant emotional drain of an arguer was that I found myself in a better mood at work, home and in my day to day life. I was able to connect again with my own passion as a person. I found my laughter and my soul again which truthfully I didn’t realize I had lost. We all take journeys in life and mine took me into the life of a born arguer which fortunately armed me to some degree to deal with my own arguer, and all of her passion for what she feels strongly about. I find I can better appreciate her for who she is, and why she is the way she is.

You can learn to limit this by laying down a few ground rules. One is “Leave your drama at the door,” another is to limit how much you actually sit and listen to them before you change the subject. If push comes to shove though you can always say, “I really understand you have strong feeling about this but I really don't want  to talk about  something so negative and beat it like a dead horse. Sorry. Hows the weather?” In some instances I have found that just limiting your contact and making sure they understand why, can get them to knock it off. No matter what you need to control the situation and guide it to a healthier discussion. You will help them find their own laughter and yours as well.

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