Thursday, August 02, 2012

Middle Class An Endangered Species

Is The Middle Class Disappearing?
In this country having grown up in a middle class family it isn’t hard to see the changes going on in suburbia today. That classic dream we all bought  into of going to school, working towards retirement and actually getting to retire,or sending our kids to college and having that home in the suburbs with 2.5 children has slowly become a thing of the past. Yes in part we can blame it on the economy but is that the real culprit or have we done this to ourselves.

The biggest change that many of us in our 40’s saw the beginning of was a rise in divorce rates. Our parents weren’t sticking together turning many of us into latch-key kids. Who came home from school to one parent households,and would then look out for ourselves after school until mom or dad got home from work. Many learned early to take care of themselves. Well somewhat, while mom or dad was at work. Were Americans, so of course this didn’t kill us, kids became a little more street savvy at an earlier age. The long term effect of that change has changed the outlook many adults have about marriage, and commitment and just what a family unit is.

Another thing that also changed for all of us is that the homes and cars  we used to dream of owning as young adults are now so far out of reach for many, unless you over extend yourself like far too many have. If you weren’t fortunate enough to buy before the market skyrocketed you may still be struggling. If you didn’t stay with the husband or wife you had, odds are you're probably struggling to make the ends meet now. But the truth is you're not alone.

The number of middle class Americans is dropping, as prices for gas, food, housing, and everyday necessities are quickly outpacing the average person’s yearly income increases in salary. I keep hearing the politicians talking about how much the economy has turned around, but I have seen friends and family both struggle in frustration trying to hold onto the American dream until they slip into what the number crunchers call the lower middle class to poor in this country.

Yet it is also interesting to note that the ultra rich are still getting richer which  is almost reminiscent of the French Revolution. "Vive La France". When the gap between the classes grew into the haves and have nots. Today it doesn’t matter how hard you work, or even how smart you think you are. That gap is growing into a chasm between the classes and FYI if you make around $100K a year you're not in the upper class anymore you're down here with us peon’s struggling.

So ask yourself, how do you fix a problem we all created with our hip decisions that taught our younger generations that there really is nothing to strive for or hold on to anymore. We have poo pooed marriage, job security, health care, and the dream of owning a home. Is it any wonder so many of our young have no real ambition or drive? Or that we as a society may very well live to see the end of the middle class American.

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