Saturday, August 04, 2012

Open Birthday Letter To My Daughter

Yes you were cool even then...
Milestones are those moments in our lives when we need to stop and pause for a moment and look at where we are. Today is one of those days. Twenty-one years ago today my life changed forever as you came rushing out to meet the world. There are people who come into your life who have such a profound effect and make you stop and laugh and find the joy in every single day.

For me  it was from the moment you where born. 

Your happiness with the world around you and your natural curiosity can still make me smile when I think about it. You have always had a daring and zeal for life that is unstoppable. Your smile and laughter  that has the unique ability to make those around you smile as well. From the time you were small not even two your personality was already well established. People new when you were around even then.  Your ability to charm and cause absolute chaos  made you legendary in both sides of your family tree.
Whether you were stealing bottles from your little sister, or climbing on anything and everything you could. There was no stopping you as a little girl. I can remember plucking you off the fence at 3 as you precariously walked along the top most rail saying hi to each and every neighbor we had. (yes I still have the greys to prove it)

You are a dynamo, an unstoppable force that is such a gift to this world. As your mother I could only be thankful that I was fortunate enough to be able to watch you grow into the lovely strong young woman  you are today. It is wonder to me to see 
the woman you now are. I am truly  thankful I was able to be a 
part of that.

Yes its true even though there have been times I’ve rolled my eyes in frustration, or listened to you tell me why your way was right and I was mistaken in my thinking as a parent. I can honestly say I would not change a thing. Not one moment.
Its hard to forget your sheer determination at times. I can only say it is an  important part of who you are and I was glad to do my part in protecting that part of you. You have the courage to want to stand on your own two feet standing tall against all obstacles.  

Yet the vulnerability that allows you to feel things more deeply than many realize is also a strength that makes you, you. Your open your heart towards others, which is one of those amazing things about you. In a world where so many are jaded or out for themselves you still care.  Enough to make sure a single mom wasn’t forgotten on special days. Your love for your sisters, son, and family you're blind devotion to those you love shows a giving and beautiful character that is unique to you. You are one of those people who is beautiful inside as well as out and I am so proud to call you my daughter.  

Each time I see you hold your son and make him laugh it is hard to miss just how much you love him and he loves you in return. Every step you take as a parent makes me proud of who you are. As you continue to pursue your dreams of a college education I know you will succeed because you really are that strong. 

 You are an adult now in every sense of the word. No matter how many times life has knocked you down, you get back up and continue on not unlike the women of your family who came before. I can see their strength and courage when I look into your eyes from both sides of your family tree.
My wish for you on this special day is that you find everything your heart truly needs. May good fortune shine on your door, and keep you and those you love safe from harm. You are a gift to us all. 

I love you more then you know, 
Happy Brithday  My Treasure.
Love Mommy Dearest.

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