Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preppers Some Idea’s Make Sense

For many people if you say the word Preppers they get uncomfortable, laugh, insist they must all be nuts, or  get quiet. The truth is preppers have been around longer than many people seem to realize. In the 50's they had atomic fall out shelters. In pioneer times people canned to get through the harsher times.  They can be your neighbor, friends, even your family. Most people wouldn't know a prepper if they stepped on one. They are everywhere, and come from every walk of life, many are extremely intelligent and of course there are some that are nuts. But hey lets face it there are some people each of us knows who are nuts and aren't preppers.

One of the interesting things I learned when I started reading about preppers and prepping, was that our own government now feels that we should each have an emergency grab bag, in case we have to leave our homes due to natural disasters. After the Hurricane that hit Louisiana, or the fires that raged across California, even the snowstorms that have actually left people stranded that one small bag could make a huge difference in how you get through it. It can be the difference between eating or not eating for a day, having water, staying dry or warm.

Sometimes things do actually make sense. I now keep an emergency kit in each of our cars. No I’m not planning on taking a long trip or driving in a storm, but the fact is when things like that do
happen i would rather not be the one caught with my pants down. If you have the intelligence to put a set of jumper cables in your car and flares for the possibility of breaking down why wouldn’t you do the same to take care of your family and yourself?

So the question is are the preppers right or wrong to prep? I’m not willing to set myself up as anyone’s judge in this. Some things do make sense and to ignore them doesn't put you above it all, it just means that  if the poo were to hit the fan you would be the dope stranded in your car with no food or water. Hurricane Katrina should be looked at as a lesson in what can go wrong when you're not prepared.I’m sure the preppers living in Louisiana were hanging out with there food an generators waiting for their world to get back to normal. Because they were prepared.

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