Thursday, September 06, 2012

College Year Two

So it begins........... again...

As I start my second year at OCC I can only say I feel I am better prepared for the challenges that are to come. Today many schools started their first day, some will begin tomorrow but for everyone whether you're a parent or student  our summer has come to an official close. If your a mom, putting your kids on the bus, or a dad dropping them off to school the hectic race has begun again.  Living at the shore I feel we have the advantage, we can run to the beach and not disrupt our whole day. Yet still get to enjoy the few remaining moments of summer on the sly.

Last year I had it easy with school as I was a stay at home mom. This year however its joining the many who juggle work, family, and school and still manage to survive and keep their sanity. Personally I love the challenge the outpouring of thoughts and ideas. We will see how it goes, if I have a melt down from too much going on or if I manage to find my way through to the end.

This was the summer of Karmic justice, which made me smile. As some things went full circle. It still amazes me how truly stupid some people can be. I am just thankful our life has gotten better, and that I can still find so much to be thankful for when so many have it so rough.

To give you an update, my one daughter has taken a break from school, and it is my sincerest hope that she will be able to go back for the spring term. She also has a very full plate as both a single mom and the breadwinner for her son. My youngest is still going to school although she is now working to help pay for her schooling. What I find most interesting about this is that so many of the young people out there change majors so often. To be blunt college isn’t cheap yet many of these kids don't know what they want to do. They are unsure of what is the best path for them.

I am plugging along. We have put the wedding on hold until next September so I can hopefully complete school.Plus it gives us more time to plan since of course the guest list has gone up. How that happens I will never know. Life has become busy again with soccer, school and to much to list. I have gone from an eBay store to an Ecommerce store which I have to admit I feel pretty good about, since I had my first sale. I am still frantically trying to upload items from the other store in between and close them out. Juggle juggle juggle.

This is my first semester that I am not taking a journalism class, and I have to admit my professor from those classes was a great source of inspiration for thought. We will see how I do on my own.

This semester its World Literature, New Jersey History, Psychology, and Intercultural Communication. I am hoping that I will learn more about my state, and understand those around me better. Frankly at times I feel as if I don't have a clue about what people are thinking. I think that is how most of us feel at most of the time.

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