Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding The Rhythm With School

School not unlike many other things in life is about finding the rhythm or flow of it. Every semester it is the same thing, rushing around getting books, making sure paperwork is in order just to begin again. Ocean County College offers so much to its students, it really would be hard  to not succeed . There is tutoring available, online classes and so much more. So going back to school and beginning my second year of college is getting into a normal groove.

That isn’t to say that it is not still crazy busy with everything we all have on our plates. My house may always be a work in progress, and my kids may drive me nuts. Between work, school and family I don’t think going to bed early or having a lot of down time is in my near future. I can deal with it. The dogs are sprawled out on the floor of my office snoring away right now.

Of course here is where I sit, homework finally complete for today and sauce on the stove cooking still. For anyone thinking about going back to school I can say it is most definitely worth it. There is something about learning that really does open your mind. It pushes you to question and explore ideas and things you may have never considered. If we don’t push ourselves at times we don't reach for our goals and then they become empty dreams and regrets that sit on a shelf gathering dust.

What is funny is I may never actually get to use my degree but, but if I had never taken that first step I would not have met the many interesting people I have met. I would still be sitting in the Orange box unhappy with where I was headed, and too afraid to take a chance on myself. Which is silly if you think about it.

Each of us has the power to change our lives. One decision changes the path of your life forever, and that can mean profound differences or miniscule. The answer to that is really  up to each of us. I would rather be known as an optimist then a down in the dirt pessimist life is far too short.

So the question is have I found the rhythm yet? From my perspective the answer is yes, I am slowly getting into the flow of this semester. That helps and makes life just a little bit easier, for tomorrow its work, reading for class, dinner with my family, and then canning some sauce while I do more homework. Am I tired? Um yeah who wouldn’t be but it is a good kind of tired.

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