Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Jersey A History Worth Being Proud of

One of the things I find myself enjoying the most this semester is the real discussion that is going on in my classes. I am shocked by how much I have learned so far in two of my classes in particular, A History of New Jersey and Intercultural Communication. With writing about this experience and things that go on here in New Jersey, I felt it was relevant to learn more about the state I live in and call home.
The shear grit and determination of our early New Jerseyans shows the real character that we have inherited from our past.  As a legacy, it should make us all proud to come from such a pivotal place in the history of this country.  We have fought many battles, rousted Hessian soldiers set on looting, thumbed our noses at Mother England and her soldiers, and fought back against an unfair system since our states inception. To be frank our ancestors didn’t like answering to anyone else and wanted to do their own thing when it came to how they lived. Long before the Revolution for Independence, we were pushing back harder than most.
We dont back down.
I have come to believe that that spirit is still alive and well in many of our residents. The masses may be desensitized by the media, but when it comes to the issues going on we aren’t asleep on the job. Our governor is as bold and brash as our first governor . Who incidentally made some pretty heavy, contributions to our country and government as a whole.  
When we signed on as Americans, we already were the only state that had two colleges, Rutgers and Princeton.  Both schools are still standing and still as strong as ever. We had the forthought to fight for what we wanted, riot when we felt mistreated, and keep our enemies away.
So coming from that we each have a right to hold our heads up with pride, after all we are New Jerseyans and proud of that fact.  We are capable of thinking for ourselves and getting tough when we need to. Together we are unstoppable and will be the biggest pain in the behind to those who try to fool us or cross us.

The more I learn the more I come to appreciate what it was that makes us great. Our innovative spirit and desire to succeed in a competitive world, anchors us in reality.  We sit sandwiched between New York and Philadelphia yet we are not a forgotten or overshadowed state. We will not be overlooked by those around us! We are known for always being in a hurry, and for doing ten things at once.  Why because we can, we have that special grit that creates great people who accomplish things and do not sit on the sidelines. We are not quitters, so ok the world we are living in today may be a little rocky, but in the end, we are all tough enough to get through it and become better.
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