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Romney & Obama Who To Choose?

 Not Always An Easy Decision
Many people in this country are unsure which way to turn with the election for president just around the corner. On one hand you have Barack Obama who came into office on a wave of euphoria from the general public. Yet today many Americans have become disillusioned with many of his policies and lack of real action to solve the problems. His opponent is Mitt Romney a conservative Mormon who has strong ties to his faith and a track record as a businessman that is above par.

Both if these men are decent human beings, both want to create change in one way or the other. So the question now comes who will you vote for? Or will you even vote? Are we in for a bumpy ride full of smear campaigns as the lines are drawn and the rotten tomatoes are thrown.

Barack Obama is personable, and very popular with the Hollywood set, he has a lot of celebrity  backing and pull with the media. He is the first African American president and that is a tremendous milestone in our history. What is sad is that for the most part that is what he would be remembered for. His lack of experience, inability to take responsibility for his actions  by blaming others doesn’t really show him in a good light. To be blunt aside from spending us deeper into debt, having no real capability in foreign policy, and the debacle of Obama Care what has he done for us. What is his legacy as president other than being the first African American president and a really cool guy. Yes he is the cool president.

On the other side of the table you have Mitt Romney a successful businessman, and governor. A good family man who is devoted to his wife and children, who we now know can be like the rest of us when he’s at home. (Improvising a repair) A man with strong religious beliefs who has a plan at least. Yet many are afraid of his religious beliefs interfering with his decision making on issues that have already been decided. So ask yourself this, did he force his religious beliefs on the employee’s of the companies he watched over? Did he force them on Massachusetts as their governor? Or did he force his beliefs on the 2002 Olympians? I don't think so. Romney may come across as a little more straight laced but is that honestly a bad thing today?

I am a regular person, I get up go to work struggle to pay my bills like many other Americans. Today I am worried about tomorrow for my family, for my kids families. It scares me that our current president does not seem to understand that he is not making things better. Four years ago life was hard but today it is a constant struggle for more and more people. Yet he does seem oblivious to that fact. In school as girls we all learned that the cool guys aren't always the  right guys.

When political fundraisers cost more than what some people make in a year for a plate of food for an attendee thats a problem. Thats not a reality that is ok. Overburdening the middle class with taxes many of us can not afford, thats a problem.

Not voting isn’t the answer, because the path we are on is going to a place that many Americans can see and if you can't maybe its time to pull your head out of the sand. Clint Eastwood was right about one thing, Politicians and government work for us, if they aren’t doing what  we are paying them to do they need a pink slick and a polite walk to the door. Our constitution does say “for the people and by the people. “ so why are we so afraid to act?

No one agrees with every politician's point of view, or political beliefs because that just isn’t reality. But they are what we have, who we are responsible to elect and put into to office to make a difference. If we don't like the result of what they do keeping them is just plain stupid. When we sit back and don't vote we let others decide for us and that is just a cop out, and pathetic. If you disagree with what they are saying write to them tell them to put that issue on the ballot and let the people in this country decide for ourselves.Let the people vote on it. Don't use different points of view as an excuse to be passive, not here not now.

Whether its Barack Obama or Mitt Romney you vote for you need to go and vote. 

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