Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turmoil in The Middle East

It would be hard to miss what has been happening in the Middle East this past week, protests, murders and a complete lack of respect for our president.I personally have not watched the youtube video that has created this mass outcry from abroad from the Muslim community. Several things about all of this I found very interesting and perhaps you will also.

The first thing that becomes extremely apparent is that these protests and attacks  seem to be co-ordinated with the anniversary of 9/11 they are not spontaneous they are organized. It is understandable that the muslim community as a whole would be upset and offended by the movie slandering their prophet. Yet I find it very hard to dismiss the timing of these events.

As Americans we have watched shows like  South Park or Monty Python both of which have in the past,regularly slandered the Catholic Church, Christianity, the Jewish Faith, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and even the Atheists.  Yes, if you had never seen it “The Life of Brian” was a blatant mockery of the life Jesus the Christian prophet. If anything, instead of being deeply offended maybe exercising their right to not view this clip over 3 million times would be a better way to protest and respect the Muslim faith. I have always held a persons right to practice their faith very highly, but that means to follow your faiths teachings, not twisting or perverting them, the Koran does not promote murder or violence. It does not teach hate.

The second point of interest is that for the first time our government has not taken any serious action against these countries. There is no swift justice here, and if you watch the News you can't miss that even the governments of the Middle East no longer have any respect for us as a country. Is that a good thing, this softer approach? I strongly disagree here.

There are times to turn the other cheek but  this isn’t one of them, its called sanctions against these countries that are not abiding by international law. It is their responsibility to protect the foreign diplomats in these countries and they have dropped the ball. They have no problem liking America when we give them billions of dollars, or military training and weapons, or allow there people to come to our country to attend school. Right now we look like a bunch of schmucks with our pants down. Instead of reacting in a fair and responsible manner we have laid down. Why you may ask ,well because the right to free speech that we all enjoy as a part of our society they really don't have or understand. They too have judged many by the actions of a few.

Maybe our president agrees with their action on a  personal level. Or he could be  allowing his personal beliefs to cloud his judgement in his job. One thing we all seem to forget is that the president does work for us. It is a JOB, if you don’t do your job you usually get fired, written up, or disciplined in some manner. His personal views have no place in the office of the President.

I am not unsympathetic to the Muslim people who truly are offended by this. Personally even though I disagree with this films content and message, I still believe in the right to free speech on your own time. The internet has made our actions global.  Your laws are not our laws and as hard as that may be to understand, it is reality. Frankly I really wouldn't want to be the dumb-ass who released this movie, its kind of like putting a big bulls-eye on your back, don't you think? One that wont wash off. 

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