Monday, September 10, 2012

Ups and Downs With Gunny

Ups and Downs

We all have up and down moments in our lives. Who hasn’t had the roller coaster feeling when things happen that we don't always understand. My circle is close, tight and to some extent limited by choice. So when things go wrong the one’s I turn to are a select few.

This past week we had a scare with our bulldog Gunny. She is a gentle girl who has the personality of a playful kid. Back in July she had what they call cluster seizures and she has been on phenobarbital ever since. Doing very well with it, until Friday when she had another bout of cluster seizures and we had to rush her to the vet.

I am thankful that we are fortunate enough to have Berkeley Veterinary Center close by and Dr. Linda Dziedzic as her vet. Her quick thinking and gentle approach with Gunny has given her our business when it comes to caring for our pets. Gunny is doing fine right now snoring away on the floor next to me as I write. But for several hours on Friday as I painfully went through my day at work waiting to hear if she would be ok, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

For people who don’t have pets the only way to describe it is as if one of your kids is ill. From the first moment I held her little reddish brown body in my arms, it was love at first sight. As each mile passed as we drove home from North Carolina with her, Tom and I both fell a little bit more in love with her. She is one of my kids, in many ways. She gets in trouble and at times can annoy me when she wants attention when I am busy. She stubbornly will follow me from the moment I get home and will mope when I go to work.

 I could have left work and worried myself sick while we waited to see if she had any further seizures. That wouldn’t have made the time go any quicker, or kept me occupied during the long wait. So amidst the ups of going to school and loving my classes. Seeing my grandson whom I adore. Sometimes we have that down swing to remind us what matters to us, and how precious life is. Yes even a chubby bulldog who snores and jumps in the tub on me, can matter in a very dear way.

Time will tell if the changes that have been made with her medications will work or not. I can only hope for the best, but either way I know this silly playful dog has touched my heart and truly makes my day. That I am better for having her in my life and that it is possible to love your pet as much as your family.

Her excitement when I picked her up at the vet was all the reassurance I needed to know she was ok. As I accepted her abundant kisses, she charged both me and my dad to show her exuberance for our company and joy at seeing us.

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