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Libya A Moment of Shame That Took Lives

Libya A Moment of Shame for Our Country

Today for many this may not be a popular question, but doesn’t it just make sense that what you put into something is what you will get from it. I have never done well with people who are after something or trying to screw someone else over to get what they want.Or people who will let others take the fall to cover their own backside. Is it wrong to think that the way you portray yourself to the world is a reflection in part of who you really are?

As I read what is going on in politics, and see how different people handle themselves its truly disheartening when you see people who won't take responsibility for the choices they make. I watched a segment on the bombing in Libya today on Fox News. What struck me about the piece was the horror those 4 men (
Christopher Stevens,Sean Smith,Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods ) must have felt to ask repeatedly for help and get nothing. Four hours is a long time to not respond, when someone elses life is in real peril. It must be devastating for the families of those men who died in vain. There was no valid reason for them to die the way they did. 

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team that was at the CIA annex about a mile from the consulate when it came under attack. Upon hearing shots fired, team members asked higher-ups at the annex if they could go the consulate. However, they were told to "stand down," according to sources familiar with the exchange.

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This constant dodging by Obama is frankly sickening, because it should not be about the election but about who screwed up? Who dropped the ball? Who decided 4 Americans lives were not worth saving? It isn’t about finding who did this (bombed the Consult) but who didn’t do their job.Or why those at the CIA annex were told to stand down. If you're the boss and your people screw up big time it is your fault.

I felt so horrible for the men who were stationed in Libya who could have helped but we now know were told to stand down. REALLY? Is that now the American way of doing things? How anyone can accept this as an acceptable loss, is truly disturbed and without conscience.

What is worse is I have to wonder what they felt when they realized they were going to die and that their own government let them die. What kind of sick person sat there for 4 hours and watched. Then lied and told all of us it was a protest gone bad.

Why as a country have we grown so jaded that when our own government does not behave in a responsible straightforward way are we willing to go with the flow?  How would you feel if it was your son who died after bravely fight for almost 4 long hours? I know if it was my child I would probably want to punch someone in the face. What is truly sick is those men were left to die, while the white house watched it happen. Yes they had live feed, they knew without a doubt what was happening. Why would that be OK in anyone’s mind, whether you're a christian, muslim, jew, buddhist, or atheist it should not be OK. 

Watching this report, it was impossible not to think of the men or women in our military or who serves our country overseas. Today it was someone elses father, husband, or son but what happens when its your family member, and the only answer you get is a lame, “Well we are going to find out who did this and take appropriate action.”

Here’s my answer, “ Be a man and take responsibility for the blood that is ultimately on your hands. Apparently you're the BSr in this sad tale.” Drop the posing, pretending,and blaming  it is always someone elses fault or screw up.Your lies and excuses to the American public don't make it ok. No one is really buying that you didn't know as "the commander and chief" that you didn't fully know what was going on. Thats a sign of a weak character and inability to take responsibility for your actions, this lays solely on your head.  

Update 11/2: I found it interesting that the other night a representative for the White House was on CNN advising that we should all be waiting until the investigation is complete and that the CIA did nothing wrong. Is it really so hard for these people to understand that if they had the honesty and decency to step up to the plate and admit that they screwed up most people would say things happen and move on. What really pisses people off is knowing you're being lied to. Knowing that someone whose salary you're paying for as a taxpayer is sitting on national TV giving you a line of bull and telling you to swallow. Perhaps some may buy it but most people do realize the government screwed up and that four people who didn't need to die are now dead.

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