Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 5 Point Plan and the Infamous Binders of Women

5 Point Plan

When I watch our current presidential nominees go round and round with each other it amazes me how much they are like two little boys in the schoolyard  As a voter many don’t care for the back and forth the finger pointing and so on. Yet I am a little disappointed with my fellow voters for not understanding something that is pretty basic and straightforward. Unless, of course I have totally misunderstood.
     What is it you may ask, the five point plan Governor Romney has put forward. I keep hearing people say he has no plan but the truth is it is those 5 points. 1. Before you can provide a financial plan you have to look at the books, “documentation”.  A caseworker or doctor would not say they knew what a case was about without looking at the file first would they.  An accountant wouldn't tell you how much your getting back on your taxes without actually seeing your paperwork first.
     Well it is the same thing. So why would anyone be foolish enough to say how they are going to fix something without seeing where the problems specifically are. I checked online and the only financial records for the united states government that are available to the general public are from 2010 and "yes I believe that would include Mitt Romney" in the general public. Two-year-old data is not going to give anyone answers, so frankly I can understand his not promising things he cannot guarantee without having the facts. I think it is safe to assume that he will give us the news once he looks at the facts.
     After he physically looks at the books, comes step two.  Sit down with people from both sides, meaning Democrats and Republicans and meet with them weekly until they find a solution.  That is how you plan in the real world. You brainstorm and come up with ideas that work for everyone. You listen to what each side wants, and then deal with the reality. What is different this time. Well for starters Romney doesn’t blame everyone else for his mistakes. Personally I hate when people do that. Next  he is a self made businessman who has a real track record.
Romney does not always explain himself well, but I would rather have his unpolished honesty than Obama’s celebrity polished falsehoods. If I wanted an actor in the white house I would rather see Denzel Washington there. Obama’s tried and I give him credit for walking into a mess, but we need to take a different  direction and truthfully if you are honest with yourself you should be able to admit that what we have is not working.
     Put aside the personal beliefs of each of these candidates, and look at what they each bring to the table. That is how you figure out who you want in a president, it isn’t about someone having all of the beliefs that you do. That will never happen, because we are human.
     Lastly, the binders actually make sense, I use binders for recipes, and if you have a binder full of resume’s for women it makes it quick and easy to locate or mark people who may be just right for a position when it does come open. As women it saddens me to see how easily we can be led by  people.(Is anyone actually outraged by that comment?) We are smart so why are we buying into a bunch of information that we know isn't true. Why would any woman think that we would go back to the dark ages when things like abortion or use of contraception was illegal.  No one man, no matter what his personal beliefs are is ever going to take away a freedom that we want as a people.  Here is another little clue; you can judge a man by how he treats his family, and others.  Is he honest or does he make excuses for bad choices?

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