Friday, November 30, 2012

Falling off The Physical Cliff.....

It is always interesting to watch the antics of our government, especially those of President Obama. He often reminds me of a small bully in the schoolyard, always threatening others just  to get his own way. As the leader of this country whom we all elected into office for another four years its a poor reflection of who we are.

Coming out and threatening to sick the American public on the representatives for not caving in to his demands is frankly childish. I expected better from him as a man and as a sitting president representing us all to the world. It is a little embarrassing to see the maneuvers going on in Washington as he again tries to pressure those around him.

You may be saying to yourself, “Hey we are headed to a financial cliff here." Well maybe falling off that cliff would force our government to fix a broken system. We all know its broken but no one wants to deal with it unless there is something in it for them. Would forcing our government to reevaluate our tax code and perhaps rewrite it be such a horrible thing? Something has to give. We cannot afford to continue to raise our debt ceiling in this country or we may someday be known as citizens of China, Mexico, or even Cuba.

I am neither right wing nor left wing, just a concerned mother, grandmother and citizen who is tired of watching us fall down the rabbit hole while we insist nothing is wrong. You wouldn't let your kids or your spouse get away with that so why are we willing to look the other way and insist everything is just fine? Is it our inability to believe that our famous democracy could  fail? Or are the handouts that good right now?

Please think about this, when all is said and done, and we have spent all that we can who do you really think is going to pick up the check? Our government or us as everyday citizens consisting of middle and lower income families? When we stop believing in the ideals of our constitution we fail as a country. When we refuse to honestly deal with our issues we fail as a country. President Obama asked for another four years of our trust to fix the problem, doing whatever he had to. Its time he puts his pride and arrogance aside rolls up his sleeves and in a non I ME way helps our representatives fix the problem. They say pride comes before the fall, well we have an overabundance of pride  residing in our white house and government and I honestly hope he can pull it off and not fall because of his own pride. 

If you're going to tweet, text, Facebook, or whatever send one to President Obama and let him know being president isn’t about his wants but the greater good of the people he is representing. No matter what nationality you may come from you would have to be blind and dead not to see that the problem has to be dealt with by all of our representatives including the one in the oval office.  

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