Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodbye My Gunny Sleep with the Angels

Goodbye My Gunny, 1/2011-11/12

Today I lost my best friend, it wasn’t a car accident or old age. It wasn’t cancer or even to a seizure. Today we had to put Gunny to sleep due to health complications. Her beautiful brown eyes won't look at me again while she begs for food while drooling on my leg. She won't push open the bathroom door while I am going to the bathroom. There won't be anymore crazy games of fetch  that she loved so much. Or morning meds to control her seizures while getting ready for work. I won't get to fall asleep listening to her gentle snore, or wake to her face in my face on my pillow because she snuck up on the bed in the night. 

I was only allowed to share my life with her for just under two short years and her gentle sweet spirit will be missed by everyone in our home. We are all a little heartbroken today for the loss of someone so special to us. As I stroked her soft fur for the last time and kissed her head to say rest in peace my friend I knew I had lost someone irreplaceable to me. I knew I had left a piece of my heart with her.  

There are some connections we make in life that open our hearts even more than we thought possible. For me Gunny was one of those beings. I know I will miss her and feel this loss for a long time to come.

I do feel it is important to say thank you to the Drs. at Berkeley Veterinary and Garden State Veterinary Hospital for their care and compassion in dealing with Gunny these past months. In sending us in the right direction to help treat her seizures and for understanding that our hearts were breaking as we said goodbye. Thank you Thank you so very much, each one of you deserves to be recognized for the caring professionals you are. Your level of service and real care for your canine and feline patients shows real character and involvement. 

I do recommend you for anyone looking for a excellent caring veterinary office. Located on Route 9 in Bayville you are the best.

For my sweet girl Gunny Goodnight and go with god, if all dogs do go to heaven you are surely there now. Our life will not be the same without you, thank you for sharing your time here with us. I will miss you so very much my friend.

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