Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sandy After The Storm

Bouncing Back From Sandy

Living in Ocean County New Jersey it wasn’t hard to see all the devastation Sandy did on a first hand basis. Today we are at day 6 since the storm hit  and refashioned the New Jersey Shore. Many are still without power or heat  as temperatures are beginning to drop down to the 30 degree mark overnight. Not unlike many others who have been affected by the storm New Jerseyans are bouncing back one step at a time.

Sure the lines at the pumps may be longer than during the 70’s gas crisis, but we survive. Our block was fortunate to get power back late Thursday night but I know there are many who are still struggling, or blocked from getting to their homes. There are still power lines down, trees, and homes that have washed away.We are tough here and we will get through this.

Our governor has shown he has the moxy to get us through in a tough organized way. No I don’t give Obama credit for how we are doing, Fema and the American Red Cross are on site here(that’s there job) For that I am thankful. 

Thursday night as I sat down for the first time able to turn on the News and hear and see just what Sandy had done. I was shocked to see how badly Staten Island, Queens and other area’s of New York were doing. Blumberg & Cuomo weren’t prepared to deal with the aftermath and it showed.
I think this clearly does show that is falls to the organization of your state officials first on how quickly you bounce back. A total of 4 days had passed before either the mayor of NY or the Governor got it together and did anything. FYI it took that long for the President to get on board also with New York. Why is that?

We may have a lot of work to do here in New Jersey to rebuild and clean up from the incredible devastation that took place, but I know I personally will sleep better at night knowing we have people here in New Jersey in charge who can meet the challenges that we are all facing. I didn’t miss the presidents quick tour of our coastline, or the fact that its good PR on his part. I also notice that he could have done a fly by of NY’s coast as well and didn’t. When you are a sitting president it is YOUR JOB to know what is going on. Why didn't they get the quick assistance that we did? How was it that 4 days after the storm people in New York were still without help? Is it that our governor is able to speak up and theres didn’t?

This is one of those situation where we need to look at how things are really being handled and by whom? Obama knew going into this storm he couldn't make a mistake or he risked losing favor here in New Jersey. Not unlike a chess game moves have been made, and we are the pawns in the game. The question is are we smart enough to see them for what they are? Are we intelligent enough to see  the political games that are being played?

Personally for me, my heart goes out to all of the families in both NY and NJ who have lost everything. Fema and the Red Cross are there to help and will. If for some reason you're hitting roadblocks raise your voice, to where it will be heard. Having been a lifetime resident I know the people of this state have the strength and character to help each other and rebuild.

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