Saturday, December 01, 2012

Another Year Almost Over

December Already
It is always amazing to me how quickly time flies. Another year has come and gone and life continues to march on. This has been a year of ups and downs for many people. We watched a political race that seemed tight and wound up not beig tight at all. Then many watched in horror as Sandy battered New Jersey, New York and several other states. A warm winter and hot summer brought with it to many bugs.
For me going to school and coming to the end of a full time semester I can say that I am exhausted and very ready for a break. With only two weeks to go I can say I survived and believe I did well. At 45 it was not an easy load, I hate to imagine what it must be like for a 20 something working going to school and trying to stay social as well. 

“Yes one of the things I have learned is that the social seems to matter. At least when your 20." I give them credit for having the energy for it on top of work and school.
Many of my teachers have had to change there class schedule because so many were left without power for over two weeks. Some chose to drop those two weeks and others adjusted for it allowing more time to complete work that needed to be done. 

So what will I take away from this semester of school, well I loved my psyche class. It was both interesting and informative. I found a lot of information that was both useful as a parent, and self enlightening as a person. I learned that New Jerseyans, have been a self determined group of people from their first step into this country. Also that as a whole here in NJ we don’t like being told what to do, whether it is by a foreign government or by our own.
So much history that affected the rest of the country, and even parts of the world happened here. That's pretty amazing if you think about it. We can claim Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, at least for a while, as well as a host of other intelligent and articulate men.

Something else I learned was that as a whole we need to work on our communication with others from different cultures, religious beliefs and backgrounds if we are going to succeed as a people. We are still a mixing pot and each of us have ancestors who came from some other country. At one point or another someone was discriminating against them. So maybe it is time we pick ourselves up as a whole and stop pointing fingers, stop the self segregation, and just act like the human beings we are supposed to be.  
Lastly and perhaps one of my favorite lessons was that no matter what land or country a story may come from each culture has something to contribute to literature. There are some amazing stories out there, some I will read further into and some I will not, but that is the beauty of reading we do get to choose  what we read. The only limitations we have in that area are the ones we place on ourselves.
On a personal level it was a tough fall, for many reasons. I still have the same wonderful family and partner. That is what keeps me going, I have learned to be a little more stingy of my time when I have things to do and more generous when I have free time. I feel I am growing as a person and that we are growing as a family. I know that even though sometimes life can give us heart aches I am still very blessed. I wouldn't trade what I have for anything because it is what is right for me.

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