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Politics Then and Now Has it Changed?

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Has Politics Changed? Then and Now

One of the interesting aspects of going to school is that I am old enough to appreciate the then and now. Looking back in our history right here in New Jersey one of the more politically powerful men of his time was Frank Hague.
Hague was the mayor of Jersey City for eight consecutive terms, that in itself is an amazing feat. What makes him unique is he was known as one of the boss’s during his time. Who managed to stay in power even after all of the other political bosses were gone. Why, well I believe in part that is due to the fact that he was able to make a difference in peoples lives.He wasn't all greed and wasn't all bad. He was a working class man who gained his entry into the business world as a fight manager. He quickly found his place and was able to do more by staying behind the scenes then out in the front.
For all intents and purposes nothing happened in New Jersey unless he knew about it or had a hand in it. Even President FDR realized he needed Hague to win the vote in New Jersey. For a mayor of New Jersey to have enough power and prestige that he was able to bend a sitting president ear to obtain political favors is overly unique. What makes it interesting is FDR dislike Hague intently, but still made sure he didn't anger the New Jersey boss. 

If you look at politics today on some levels it would be fair to say that yes business and media both have the power to bend the president's ear to their way of thinking. In turn though he has the power to steer them in the direction he wants them to go in. Although some organizations have come to realize that the manipulation that is going on is destroying their journalistic integrity. Fox News  was furious over the Libyan incident and that they had been manipulated by his office. It seems that today in journalism the term check your facts doesn’t really apply. With the invention of the internet access to data is more easily obtained today than ever before. So why would the media repeatedly allow themselves to not report facts?  From Occupy Wall Street to the past Presidential Election certain stations have blatantly twisted facts and information. One might even say they may as well have been on the payroll.

Our government wasn’t based on an idea of absolute power, or absolute manipulation. Yet men like that continue to find their way into politics and like the proverbial lamb we follow along instead of using the common sense most of us were born with. So what needs to change? Pretty simple us. We need to change, we need to not take what the media and politicians tell us as gospel. Do the homework find the truth, it really is out there if you look. OK so maybe it isn't as interesting as Jersey Housewives, or the Kardashians but do you really want to be the schmuck who terns to there grand-kids in 20 years and has to explain that you were just to lazy to be proactive about your own government?  

I will never forget the first day, of my first journalism class. The first lesson was simple Journalism is based on facts not opinion. Once opinion comes into it, once we slant it one way or the other we lose journalistic integrity. Then it simply becomes a matter of opinion, with all the advances in technology there is always a hunger for information. The hard part is finding what is real and what is opinion. My blog and articles are based on my opinion, so they are shaded with what I think. If anything hopefully it will make you stop and think or stop and question the status quo. We should be questioning things that is our responsibility as citizens of this world.

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