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A Year Remembered 2012

A Year In Review
As another year comes to an end its always good to look back at where we were and where we are going. For my family and I it was a year of ups and downs. Some good and some not so good. Over all as a family we grew as we learned to communicate better with each other and to value each other as people more.
It always amazes me how incredible human beings can be, our capacity for kindness, understanding and love is what sets us apart from other creatures on this earth. This year has been one of those reminder years from me about how truly wonderful the human heart can be. During my darkest hours, the compassion of others toward myself and my family left me humbled and thankful. With hugs of comfort, and acts of kindness I was gently reminded of how we are supposed to treat each other, all the time. I found myself striving to pay it forward and care more for others.
This year was a change of pace, it started out with me worrying about going back to school and juggling work. It ended with my being changed by the sheer destructive power of Hurricane Sandy and the damage it did to my home state. For many living both here and out of state the storm took a piece of our childhood, and history forever. As I watched coworkers, family and friends loose homes, cars and peace of mind. Our resilience to overcome somehow still remained intact as we approach the road to rebuild.
Sadly heartbroken at the loss of Gunny our beloved bulldog. I am thankful for the people in my life. I learned that although it is hard to juggle school, work, and family it isn't impossible. Yet I find I have more respect for others, especially single parents going the same route.
Of course I cannot leave out the disappointing election, or the drama that is now starting to unfold as Vice President Biden attempts to change our very constitution out of fear and ignorance. People kill people not the guns they wield, the punishment should fit the crime and until it does it won't change. To pretend otherwise is ignorance and foolishness of the
worst sort.
As an American I am disappointed as I watch the physical cliff approach, and find myself frustrated like many others by a president who doesn't understand that if you're in hock up to your eyeballs you don't dig that hole deeper by taking on even more debt. I am genuinely concerned for where we are going, and can't see too many Americans sitting by while their rights are stripped away by fear. Not unlike many of you I am worried about where we are headed.
Time will tell, as it does with everything. Over all I am thankful for the love of my life who daily gives me his strength to face the changes that life may bring us. I know I have more than a partner and friend, in Thomas. I have found my home and shelter from this world as I am his.
As a mother watching my youngest grow up,stretching her wings to begin her own life I am awed by her courage. At 46 life seems to move faster and faster, so I am thankful for the many wonderful moments of joy in my life. I know that there is still so much to be thankful about.
I hope that each of us can look back over the past year, and remember the moments that made you laugh, smile, or even cry. We each are blessed in different ways, and it is important to remember them, and remember the people who touch our lives no matter how briefly.
Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a Happy and safe New Year.

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