Monday, March 04, 2013

Hard Lines and Fewer Answers in Washington

As a normal  American you would have to be buried in the sand or living in another country to not see the struggle going on in Washington. Our president is once again at it with congress over there inability to come up with a plan that everyone agrees on. So what does that mean, well if you or your spouse work for the government it will mean mandatory furloughs, (unpaid time off) .

What does that tell the rest of us, that frankly no one is safe and our government isn't quite as financially secure as we have all been lead to believe. After reading many  pieces  some biased and blaming the Republicans, the biggest issue on the table seems to be that the Republicans will not agree to allow the president to increase the debt cap yet again. Hmm I wish I could raise my debt cap as much as he thinks he can, wouldn't you?

Reality check here, if you don’t have money to spend you can't keep borrowing to pay your bills. This is a pretty simple concept, you don't spend what you don't have. The financial cuts that are going into effect are worse case scenario but hell, the president did agree to them 4 years ago and made no effort until now to put together a plan. I do not think the answer is in the cuts that are going into effect, but are any of them really looking at or thinking about what they're doing to this country?

I hate when I ask someone why they voted for Obama and they really don't know other then they like him. He is another Hollywood president, polished and quaffed to please the masses. Giving lip service, and using bullying tactics like a schoolboy trying to force through media pressure to get his own way. I know when I was a kid if I acted like a brat I got spanked.

I truly worries me that we cannot see the direction we are heading in. That many are so baffled by the BS that they will gladly buy the George Washington Bridge from him. The way I see it is you were given four more years to make a difference, fix the problems reduce our debt and stop asking to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. You're supposed to be the expert here governing for the people and by the people. I really do not think anyone wanted to go to the blanket cuts that are now at our doors. It will be interesting to see if the boys in Washington can start acting like the MEN that they say they are.

I honestly do not believe that we as a people are so stupid we cannot see what is happening in our own backyard. It truly breaks my heart every time this man opens his mouth and tares us all down as Americans. We would have been better off putting anyone else in office rather then this joker, at least we would have been able to believe we were being told the truth. I guess the Joke is on us.

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