Monday, April 01, 2013

Pay it Forward

This year our Easter was quite, no yelling teenagers and only the parents for dinner. It was a nice change of pace. My youngest went up to her sisters to spend the weekend and we had the time to have a nice sit down dinner with my parents. Getting older is funny you do not really think about becoming your “parents age” but that is exactly what happens to us all.

As each generation passes the torch we look back and see our teens, twenties, and thirties gone. I am now in my mid forties and I can honestly say it isn't the best or worst time of my life. I tend to be a little bit more tired of the BS that can go on in our twenties and thirties. For myself I tend to be thankful for the moments we are given with those we love.

Watching my parents who are now in their 70’s I just want to protect them from the selfishness of the world we live in. They deserve to enjoy their golden years how they see fit and without drama. I look at my mom and I can see how fragile she is, yet her will of iron is still there. The quiet courage I have come to admire and respect never falters or waivers. She is steady and constant. She and my dad both may not always agree but they have always stood united in front of the world and us kids. I believe that is their greatest legacy to us all. Not the mistakes they have made along the way, because we are all supposed to make mistakes. That is how we learn.   
My life may be chaotic and crazy, and I may not have as much time as I did to do those little things I like doing for the people I love. All any of us can do is strive to make it better. I believe in the adage about passing it forward, for the simple reason that when we lose our humanity we lose as a society.

So on this Easter as it comes to a close take a moment and pay it forward to those who have gone before us. It is our job to look out for them, keep them safe and treat them with respect and dignity. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, especially here. So love like you mean it and watch over those who cannot watch over themselves.

Learn from your parents, they may not be perfect but they have survived in this crazy world we all must live in. Learn from their mistakes and try to remember that they are human and people also. I know mine are, and I do consider myself blessed for having them in my life.

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