Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Two Favorite Ladies in The World..................

Happy Birthday to Two Very Special Ladies

Sometimes life does get in the way of us, it isn't always the way we may want it to be but it is how life can be at times. In the day to day, life can be busy, hectic and at times overwhelming but it is important to take a moment and remember the people in our lives that we love. In May I have two such people my dearest friend Sandy and my Mom whose birthday’s are within  several days of each other. I don’t always have the time I would like to appreciate them yet they are both incredibly patient with me.
Each is special in her own unique way, Sandy for her feisty Staten Island gumption that is as much a part of her as he humor. No matter how crazy her life may get she always has a warm hug for everyone. She is the person you want at your back in a pinch because she gets loyalty, honesty and integrity like no one else. These strengths make me love her as a friend all the more.
As a habitual loner, (yes that is me) , initially she threw me completely off balance. Yet with stubborn determination she has always been there as a friend and confident. You are my favorite person, hands down my BFF. You don’t allow me to get away with my hermit like ways, and force me to interact with the rest of the world. Real courage in life is shown to us every day by women like Sandy. On this your special of all days, Happy Birthday my friend.
The other woman in my life who keeps me on an even keel. Who has kept me going through the hardest days of my life and beyond is my mom. At 5ft tall she is by far the toughest and yes most caring women I know. Were most of us would give up she is the determined little elf who does not go away.
Had it not been for her love and honesty I would not have made it through my turbulent life. There are people who will tell you what you may not want to hear, even though it is the truth. At the same time you can't measure their love for you as a person, because you are always surprised by how deep it is. Every small glimpse I am given into who she is as a woman, and mother leaves me humbled and in aw.
Despite having people behave badly toward her she never ever gives up on them. Her heart has no bounds, no limits and no reservations when it comes to family and friends.  She is were I learned my manners from, where I learned what it meant to be a woman, and mother. I know in a million years I will never be the human being she is. As an adult I have learned what loyalty is from her. I have learned that she is one of the few people I will go absolutely ballistic defending against anyone foolish enough to hurt her heart. She is more then my mom as a woman grown she is also my friend.
So to both of you, may god keep you safe on your specialist of days. You are both truly a gift to this world, and I am a better person for having known you both. Your honesty and determination to be who you are makes you both a gift worth cherishing. Happy Birthday Ladies, with all of my heart I hope you special day is filled with laughter and love.

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