Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Step Closer with a Pregnant Pause In Between.................

Finally another semester comes to a close. Looking back over this school year I am both happy and sad. As I take one step closer to  my goal I know the path will only get harder. I am soul weary at the moment from both life and school, and find myself glad for the break in my routine.
I learned that I had not forgotten as much about biology as I thought. That people can be both good and bad, depending on which side of the conversation you're on.

With only four classes left to take to obtain my degree I am faced with the dilemma many college student face. Where do I go from here, do I continue on for my Bachelors degree or do I throw myself into the workforce wholeheartedly. Which course of study do I pursue? English, History, or business, psychology, or do I revert back and go after that coveted degree in journalism.
One of the many things I was sure of going into this was that I wanted to obtain a degree in Journalism, yet I do find myself stymied due to the many changes the internet has brought to the field. It seems like the days of writing articles and researching the subject then reporting it in an unbiased manner are long gone. Depending on what television station you watch, or what internet source you use for your news, the stories seem to be slanted one way or the other.
My patient study companion.
So over the nice short summer I will spend time with my family who have been truly wonderful through this year. Work in my garden, go to auctions and sell on ebay, and in my store and try to figure out just what it is I want to do with my life. As silly as that  may sound coming from a 46 year old, it is the truth. I know where I am professionally is not where I want to be for the rest of my life. I am just not sure where it is I am mente to go.
Yes chocolate cake is part of college.
No matter how much I may enjoy the learning process I can't spend the rest of my life going to school. Even though the thought is appealing in some ways. I never expected to find real joy in the process of learning, especially at this stage in my life. As of right now, if you have been following along, it looks like my daughter Chrissy and I will be graduating together next May. As a mom I am so proud of her for finding what it is she wants to do with her life, and going after it. This has been a rough year emotionally and mentally, for all of us. It has brought my beloved hubby and myself closer together despite the late nights doing homework and working on things at home.

So stick around and follow me over the summer as I figure this one out. We all find our path in life, some just find it later and get to savor the journey more.  

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