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Father's Day

Fathers Day Time to Remember The Forgotten Hero in Your Life

Today is the day we remember dad, he seems to get taken for granted, overlooked, or in general ignored. Everyone remembers Mother’s Day but when its time to remember dad he generally gets the short stick.
So for today I want to acknowledge dads everywhere. I have a wonderful dad of my own, and have been lucky enough to marry a great father of our children as well. I also want to remember my buddy Markie D, each one of these men is different in their own way but sum up what it truly means to be a wonderful dad. 

When I look back and think of all of the times my dad was there for me. Practicing throwing a softball so I could get better, after a long day of working.Teaching me that I was capable of doing anything, from mowing the grass to fixing my car. He never held back or babied me, but taught me that life needs to be faced head on. I can remember many conversations in my life when he knew I was struggling with my own issues and would help me find what I needed to do. I know some dads come charging to the rescue but mine did something more. He allowed me to learn how to save myself. Always there when I needed his support, he taught me to look people in the eye and face them directly and expect the same in return. I know in my life I was blessed to have a wonderful, funny, and caring dad, and I am grateful for everything he has given me as a person.
Thomas, isn’t my dad but between us we have a total of seven children. Some are grown and living their own lives, some still at home, and some that come to visit. Tom is a protector by nature, so when someone is not doing what they should be, he will get it straightened out. He is the kind of dad who loves our kids both his and mine without distinction. What makes that so special is that he talks to them, listens to what they have to say and loves them no matter what. That doesn’t mean he is a pushover, because he will let them know when they mess up rather bluntly.

What I am constantly amazed by is his desire to look out for them all. When they are in trouble he is always willing to help, either financially or emotionally. His humor is also a big part of who he is both as a dad and a man. It is one of the things that lets people see his softer side. I know I am blessed to have a husband who loves our children so fiercely, and gives so freely of his time.As a soccer coach for our son, project helper, cook and ice cream advocate for the kids, he covers it all. Merging two families isn’t always easy but with him and his unselfish attitude he has brought us all together.
Last but not least is my friend, and ex brother-in-law Markie D. (yes we kept him) who I have known since I was a kid. He is both a father and father figure to many. Mark is one of those people who steps up to the plate. He is always caring and giving of his time to our kids. With a quite wisdom he lets the kids be themselves. Laughing along with them, playing endless hours of board games, helping with projects for school or just going to the movies. Mark is the dad who stepped in for my own kids growing up, being their for them when their own father wasn’t. Always there to listen and dry their tears, when they were disappointed or let down and showing by example what it means to be a father and a man.

Uncle Mark and Mara taking a ride in a bi-plane

Mark was blessed in that his daughter came back into his life as an adult, and he now has a wonderful son and grandson to spoil and love as well. He is the silly, serious man who is always there as both as a friend and mentor. I know for myself the ten years I was single, I would not have gotten through it without the men in my life. Each has given selflessly to myself and my children, and that is what it means to be a dad. Diving in to life with a childlike abandon, showing that life needs to be lived and enjoyed. Any man can create children and walk away.
A father stays, understands, and fights for you. They are always there, they don’t judge, or find you lacking. Through good and bad, they lead by example, and even though sometimes you may not understand what they are trying to teach you,take a breath and know that it is coming from the heart. Fathers, take care of their kids, whether they are with their mom’s or not. They are that man who gets all teary when you get your diploma or walk down the aisle to get married. They are the men who love you despite your mistakes.
So today remember Dad, he is always their for you, so be there for him as well. Make him breakfast, take him to dinner or even a movie. It is one day out of the year to acknowledge him and honor all that he does for you.

Happy Fathers Day!!

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