Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Obamaville Still in Hot Water

It is not surprising that there are more and more people who believe that this country is still in trouble. What I mean by that is that there are more older individuals, over 70 who can see what is happening far better than the younger generations in this country. People are not even private about how they feel. They want to warn you and talk about it.
Individuals often come up to me and start up conversations in the grocery store about where we are headed. Telling me that they have lost faith in our government and its ability to deal with the issue’s in a real way. Why is it so hard for so many people to understand that our government is overspending itself and mismanaging our money? One of the reasons that comes to my mind is convenience, it is far easier to buy into a problem if someone is handing you free money. After all if your getting a hand out, (cell phones, food stamps, unemployment, or welfare) why would you want to question it. Human nature says keep it coming.
In the past I have talked about this issue, because it is real. I worry for the people who laugh and think that it is not getting worse. When a family of 4 making $60 thousand a year is considered poverty level and struggling that should be a wake up call for us all. Having been in that middle rung, with everyone else it is not hard to see that most people are living paycheck to paycheck just trying to get by.
Prepping is no longer underground but is in fact a reality for more people. They no longer believe that we can continue printing money we can't back up to pay our debts.  Anyone who has attempted to buy ammunition for the guns they may own knows that it is getting harder and harder for people to get their hands on. Food prices have skyrocketed to a point that they are almost out of control. Schools dictate everything from how we are to behave to what we can wear, and the same applies to our local governments. How far does it have to go before we smarten up and realize that WE are doing this to ourselves.
Mr. Obama seems to be hell driven to take us into a dependant socialist form of government. Not unlike blind sheep we just keep following this path without question. Anyone who has ever taken high school history knows that when government gets too big as ours is now it becomes a recipe for disaster. Look at France, look at the Roman empire, or even all of the small countries in Europe and the Middle East that have collapsed  or become battlegrounds for different factions. . As we overextend ourselves trying to help everyone else we are not taking care of what is going on here in our own backyard.  
This to me at least is rather sad. If we are strong enough to pull together when natural disasters hit like Sandy and the recent tornado’s that have hit in the midwest why can't we pull together and fix our own problems? We have an organized media that is so far in our governments pockets that the truth no longer matters. Journalistic honesty, is clouded with smoke screens and mirrors that distort the facts. Whether they support Republican or Democrat they are ultimately supporting big business, big unions or private interests. That isn't what journalism is supposed to be about.
What I fear most is what will happen when the money runs out. Like a gambler putting every quarter they have in a slot machine and spinning the wheel we are gambling away our future and our childrens future. This will go on until nothing is left, or we hit rock bottom. We've all seen that person sitting in front of the slot machine just pulling the lever again and again. That is where we are, so desensitized that we can't see the addiction (dependence) being created. I don’t know about you but for me that is an unacceptable outcome.
So here is the advice for the day be prepared, even if you never use it, be prepared to take care of yourself when the poo does hit the fan. Those who live with their heads in the clouds and cannot understand that the worst is not past us are dealing in fantasy. It's not about gloom and doom or waiting for the end of the world, its about being proactive for the rainy day when you may need it.
Anyone with a laptop or computer can find article after article from reputable sources that reiterate that we are in trouble. What the government and mainstream media may want to discredit is that people are still afraid of what is happening with our country. Here is the bottom line, if people weren't still afraid, the number of people prepping would not have increased to over 4 million. You do the math.

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