Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pan Asia A Step Above

Pan Asia Sometimes New is Good Tucked away between Applebee’s and Hudson City Bank is a little restaurant known as Pan Asia. Specializing in Chinese, Japanese cuisine, and Sushi this unique eatery offering guest a relaxed atmosphere with exceptional food. Located at  416 Lakeside Plaza on S. Main Street, Forked River, NJ 08731 they are open seven days a week, until 10:00pm every day except Friday and Saturday when they are open until 11:00pm.
Every Monday is all you can eat Sushi which is made to order by the same Chef  nightly.Please note this does not include Sashimi but the selection is really good.  The staff is friendly and helpful answering questions  about ingredients with courtesy. This isn’t your stream-lined Buffet where the sushi is premade and sitting out for you to take. Each order is  made as they come in, and presented in a simple and yet elegant manner.
Customers who do not like Sushi or Sashimi can opt of a variety of menu items that are all  made to order for each customer.So if your vegitarian, or a meat eater you will find something that appeals. You have the option of BYOB or you can quench your thirst with one of their special hot teas, bottled water, or soda.
At the end of each meal each guest is treated to a hot lavender towel to wipe their hands, and orange slices to clear your palate. We have been stopping in here for almost a year now, and the waitresses are all the same, so they get to know you and you get to know them. Their customer service is consistent and friendly.
The average meal will run approximately $25.00 each but is well worth it. This isn’t your average Chinese restaurant, but a step above and worth trying. In Lacy we have so many good options for Asian Cuisine that when something a little different comes along its worth trying. Customer flow is steady, and many are repeat customers. So if you're looking for a night out to enjoy a relaxing meal, or want to grab something to take home Pan Asia is worth the visit.

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