Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Political Mayhem Where Big Business Pulls the Strings

Democracy in America
Politics as usual seems to be the ongoing story both here and in Washington. Our president still continues to pursue his own agenda, and our politicians pursue the agenda of big business or special interest. How anyone can say that isn't a form of corruption is not thinking very clearly.
If a big corporation contributes to a political campaign you better believe there is a reason for it. There is some angle they are all too often trying to gain ground on. That we as a people have allowed our government to become so corrupt is just a sad reality of where we are today.
The days of the grassroots politician who won votes on his merits and not what party he represented are long gone. Even here in New Jersey, we have a long history of political corruption, where union bosses controlled our government. All to often grooming candidates for office who would ultimately be puppets for them to control.
Historically there have only been a few exceptions, and we are talking only a handful. As individuals we do have the power to create change in this country. We have the power to take back control from corrupt leaders who are in the pockets of big business. So why don't we? We are better educated than other countries, we have the intellect to understand hard concepts. Yes there are a few who are incapable of seeing beyond their own nose but we don't need to discuss them.
Its a known fact that today to run for president, senator, governor, or even assembly you have to have big money behind you or you will be smeared into oblivion. People are no longer willing to think for themselves and will buy into whatever mainstream media and politicians tell them. The Obama political machine was hard a work already long before anyone else was during our last presidential election. That does make a difference. As does the millions in campaign funds that change hands.
Think about it this way, a person earning $60 thousand a year for twenty-five years would only gross $1,500,000.00 that is over twenty five years. For a political campaign for a 4 year term  as president you're looking at $225 million. Thats 150x the average lifetime income when you consider there are usually two candidates throwing away that kind of money its 300x the average lifetime family income.Or what 300 families making 60 thousand a year would each make in 25 years.You do the math, it is a frightening prospect when you consider we are in debt for trillions of dollars.  
We all understand that our debt as a country is a problem, yet we allow our politicians to spend money like it was water going down a drain. Until we as a people say enough is enough there will never be change. It will not get better. Until we take Corporations out of the political process it will get worse. Our government is well aware there is a problem, and they understand that the average person is struggling and frustrated. The fact is they really do not care. As we keep ignoring the issue we keep allowing ourselves to be pushed further and further into poverty.

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