Friday, July 26, 2013

The View Above My Desk

We all find inspiration from many different places, sometimes its from life, the people around us, or even things we see that move us. Those little snapshots we take of our life and the people in it help to shape us into the person we become. If we are lucky we have good people who surround us and help shape our views of the world.
Growing up wasn’t always easy, my life started out as a Jehovah’s Witness (which at 4 and 5 I did not understand at all). Other than the fact that we were not supposed to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween. What I remember and hold on to was my grandfather showing up on Christmas Eve with presents.His gift helped me to value something that I would later understand ahd would become, important to me.
Not all of it was bad though, some of the things I hold dear as an adult lead back to those teachings of my youth. The willingness to look for answers, or to stand up for my beliefs, and my acceptance for other religious faiths, I can say came from that experience.Those days and that time may be long gone now, as  religiously I have taken a different path, but that isn't the point here.

Those people in my life, which consist of my family and friends keep me sane. They help keep an active mind busy always encouraging me to reach for my full potential. That particular gift I can thank my parents for, their strength and sense of family has always left me in awe of them both. Not unlike many families today we have some members we don’t stay in touch. To quote Dr. Phil, “Sometimes people just don't get it.” It's perhaps one of the truest statement’s I’ve ever heard. When that does happen, whether its a child, sibling, aunt, cousin or other relative you have to let go.
I know that can be easier said than done. Believe me I do know how hard it is to let someone you love walk away because they don’t get what family is.Or their view of life is so skewed they can't see the gifts they have. The view above my desk holds moments in time that make me smile, laugh, and remember those brief seconds of perfection in my life that have come and gone. Its filled with photo’s of my kids, parents, grandparents and some friend I made along the way.

In the world we live in today its so easy to get beaten down or beat up by all the bad things that happen in life. I think that is when you need to dig in the most, and hold on for all your worth. No matter what life may dish out, it is all “doable”. Sometimes its one step at a time, or one hour at a time but we can each get through those rough spots.

My summer is coming to a close, and in a few short weeks it will be back to school to finish up my degree. I am both nervous and happy that their is an end in sight. Looking at the view above my desk, I know that no matter where life may take me I will always get through to the end. I have been lucky enough to have been touched in life by people who were good a living and not just surviving. People who taught me that being bitter about disappointments, and imagined slights was no way to live. My outlook was shaped by Angels, if I may, who showed me it was more important to cherish the life you have and those in it. I still do............... do you?

On a side note, when I say letting go I do mean that. You cannot fight a losing battle. However should they eventually "get it," and want back in, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do so either. People do make mistakes, mess up and draw lines in the sand that they feel they can't take back. It is human nature. Family is about forgiveness at times and lots and lots of love.

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