Friday, July 19, 2013

What the Frack......

Fracking is a term that is being thrown around Washington as a clean alternative way of obtaining fuel. This process is being energetically pursued by our president Barack Obama, as a safe method of alternative fuel. What is fracking?  It is a process of hydraulic fracturing, using sand and water, as well as other chemical compounds, that are forced down into the ground to create cracks so the oil companies can obtain the gases.
The Shale fracking that is going on now has no protection for the residents living around these drilling sites. All of the protection is for the oil companies. People have no choice but to watch as these operations go up in their backyard. They are exempt from the EPA safe drinking water act put into effect by then president George W Bush Jr.

You would think that we would learn our lesson after movies like “Erin Brockovich” which is based on the waste from fracking being pumped deep underground. Water testing that has been done to many of the wells in nearby neighborhoods has shown high levels of chemicals such as methane, benzene, 2-Butoxyethanol, and other toxic substances.
How can they get away with this you might be asking, well here is the deal. They are only responsible for what is happening at the exact location they are drilling. So the Methane gas they release into the air, and other chemicals that are suddenly turning up in wells and potable water  supplies isn't their problem.

When I first heard about this practice I looked into it extensively reading articles, and watching movies like “Gasland” a documentary by Josh Fox. I was blown away to see people able to light their pond feeds for their livestock on fire because of the methane gas that was coming out with the water. Sadly this initiative to obtain every last drop of gas from the earth is not just limited to the United States. It is also part of Barack Obama’s global agenda that he has prompted other countries to pursue.
For some their only option is to leave their homes and move their children to safer locations. As I watched gasland, I could not help but feel compelled by their stories. These are average people like you and me. Yet for some their silence is being bought one family at a time. Do we really want to live in a world where we surrender that much power to corporations without any real accountability?
One has to wonder if our president would want his daughters or wife drinking this water. It isn’t hard to push your wants and views down someone else's throat when your family is not the one left to pay the price. For anyone who doesn't understand that releasing massive quantities of methane gas out into the atmosphere isn't a bad thing, look at how quickly the rate of global warming has increased.
Its all about the Benjamins
The last time I checked our constitution was still about it’s citizens yet that isn't the type of government we have anymore. Corporate entities control politics and we the people pay the ultimate price for their greed. Its sad when even the politician's are admitting it on film. Is there really anyone out there fighting for the average American family anymore?

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