Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around

Have you ever done something mean or petty to someone else? Think about it for a moment here, has it ever come back on you? When you cheat on a spouse, lie to someone close to you or even not give an employee a promotion you know they deserve but instead give to someone you may like better. According to karma each one of these actions has a price, so think twice before doing something you know is wrong.
The belief in Karma seems to span many religions, buddhism, Taoism,Hinduism, as well as many other faiths that are tribal. We often say, “It’s Karma” or “Karmic justice.” The simplest explanation is  that your actions cause an equal reaction either negative or positive depending on you. Depending on your beliefs it can either affect you in this lifetime or the next. For myself I have often seen Karma at work currently, when someone behaves in a negative way towards others or does something extremely good.
What I am referring to is how someone may treat one person badly taking an action that is hurtful and mean such as stealing, deliberately causing harm. In my experience it always comes back on them down the road. It may be 5 years 10 or even 20 but it always comes back to return the favor from someone else they encounter.
If you don't  happen to believe in Karma then that leaves  random chance or blind fate. For myself finding “Karmic Justice” being visited back on someone made more sense than random chance.Since it always seems to come back on people much worse than what they have ever done to others.
Sure you can blame it on fate, bad timing or just bad luck. If you take a moment and look more closely especially when you have been the one on the receiving end of the negative behavior. There are patterns to everything in life, the seasons we enjoy year round, bird migrations. The cycle of life and death, its all frankly repetitive. It has nothing to do with whatever religious faith you may hold as your own. As a society I believe we are long past our middle age religious hang ups of our past. We know more about the world we live in and don't blindly believe everything we are told. So why is it so hard to believe that karma does play a role in our life?

Like Domino's falling.
The younger generations coming up don’t hold to the more restrictive beliefs we were raised with, in some ways that's a good thing.In other ways it leaves them not understanding consequence.
Many of us in our 40’s grew up with some form of early religious instruction on good and bad. Today fewer and fewer  young people are getting those influence. So what then happens when they don't get those lessons? We wind up with a society that feels entitled, above responsibility, and all too often lost spiritually. A society that wants what it wants and doesn't care about hurting anyone else.
Karma is that quite flow in life that levels the playing field. It serves no purpose to be bitter or angry when someone does something wrong towards you. In fact why would you want your anger to poison your life while they go on their merry way. I always say “Wait for it! They will eventually get theirs.” Karma can be a real game changer when it comes back at them, and it always does. I’ve seen it over and over, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that at times it does make me smile when it does.

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