Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Jersey .....Drive At Your Own Risk.

New Jersey Drivers

Having lived in the lovely Garden State my whole life occasionally someone will say “Hey what's with those New Jersey Drivers?” Shamefaced I will clear my throat and begin to make excuses for the bad manners, arrogance and just plain crazy way many of us drive in this state. I have driven in other states and guys, “They don’t drive like us.” We are aggressive and impatient and there seems to be a general feeling of entitlement when on the road.
As a parent I can't tell you how disgusted I get when I see a mom in a minivan driving like a bat outta hell while she is talking on her cell phone with a car full of kids.Or the older population that stops in the middle of traffic to check where they are going. We are the state of horn honking, even when we are dead wrong drivers who put each other at risk every time we get behind the wheel. We are also known for flipping off other drivers because we feel they are going either to fast or too slow.  
Somewhere along the line good road manners have gone by the wayside. Watching my kids go out now and join the road race I can tell you I have lost sleep when I know they are going up to North Jersey or even to the beach. Why? Because the simple fact is I may have taught my kids to be considerate and safe drivers on the road but I know they cannot control the other drivers out there. I know there will always be guys who know this cop or that one who will look the other way when they drink and drive. It is a fact of life.
I recently drove up the parkway to Toms River for Lacey, and there was an ambulance with lights on and sirens going. I was sickened beyond belief when I saw another driver in front of the ambulance who WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE WAY.  True story every other car moved over some sooner than others. This guy with a big SUV refused to move into the next lane for over 20 miles and was still refusing to allow the ambulance to pass him when I got off.
I know you might be saying well maybe it was the family, but no as this car was about 5 cars ahead of me and the ambulance came onto the parkway while we were all driving. I would have to say no. This general sense of rudeness towards others on the road isn’t just selfish its dangerous. So stop it! Stop cutting people off so you can slow down below the speed limit and piss them off. Stop talking on your cell phones when you're driving. Especially you parents.YOU'RE THE EXAMPLE FOR YOUR KIDS. If its alright for mommy or daddy to do it it must be alright for little Johnny to do too. Right? 
The roadways are for everyone, this isn't Mad Max or The Fast and Furious. So ease up if you want to drive like a schmuck go to the track. Or go 4 wheeling where you don't put others at risk. I personally want my kids to come home safe and sound, and I am sure you do to. Put the cell phone away, pay attention and drive like you mean it. If you want to drink and drive get a bicycle, because the only one you will hurt then is yourself, and frankly if you're that stupid you deserve it. Driving is still a privilege that is what we tell our kids, to be responsible drive safe. Perhaps its time we follow our own advice when we get behind the wheel.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Little Time ...........is All it Takes

Togetherness....... Sometimes a Really Good Thing
Steamed clams for two...

Being newly married Tom and I have both done the dance around with a prior partner. One of the things we both learned from our past was that you need to have some things in common such as values, interests, and humor. Life can be hard enough for any couple today, why make it harder. So we try to make it a point to do something together each week. This week we went out and picked up four cases of plum tomatoes and went to town making and canning salsa the way he likes it and the way I like mine. Yes we are knee deep in salsa for the year now.
In relationships it is alright to be different and to like different things. In fact that can be healthy. It is still important to make the time for each other to create and strengthen the bond to each other. So this weekend we started it out with a late night glass of wine with some steamed clams for two after our kids and grandson were in bed. Those little sanity breaks help so much because it allows you to actually talk to each other.
In our house there is usually someone underfoot or eagerly trying to listen to every conversation. It comes with having kids, and that is all part of why it is important to have that one on one time.If not to review strategies then to discuss what is and isn’t working and how to make it better. Talking to each other. Even with my grandson visiting this weekend, which by the way wore us both out as he eagerly blazes through the terrible two’s. We still made that time for each other.
"Cookie is the word of the
moment.."Cookie Nanna."
Tom is one of those unique men not unlike my late grandfather, “A Diamond In the Rough.” He can be extremely stubborn, and fiery yet he is extremely genuine and tells it like it is. Sometimes that can be a little awkward when he loses patience with people and says something that most would not have the nerve to say. Yet at the same time, he can be  silly and is the steadiest man I know.
He puts up with my quirks, which at 46 beleive me there are many. Taking in stride our different backgrounds, and interests. He manages to find joy in everyday, even when those days get hard. That is perhaps why as a person I have so much respect for him.

So here is the tip for the day, even if its stealing 20 mins after the kids are all in bed and the house is quite. We all need to keep that connection with our significant others strong. Finding the time to connect, communicate and appreciate each other during the week and even during the day is for us, what makes it work. I could sit here and go into all the little tiny things we both like but there is a list of things we do not do together as well.We do for each other, helping each other to accomplish tasks that to some may seem menial or unimportant. The respect we gain for each other by sharing the load is a big part of who we are as a couple.  At the end of the day I know when I go to bed I am with a man who is both my husband and friend who genuinely cares about me as much as I care about him and his well being.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Endeavors

Hi All I am taking on a new endeavor so I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. I will still keep you up to date on this blog, but I hope you will come and follow me as I begin this exciting new adventure.

How to Survive in A Shrinking Economy.

Please send any suggestions or ideas. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Something Old and New

A Busy Summer

Finally back at the keyboard! Summer has been very busy this year. We joined the group of dealers at “Days of Olde Antique Center” in Galloway just a mile down the road from historic Smithville. This is one of my dreams come true. I grew up loving antiques and collectibles. Often going to auctions and sales searching for wonderful treasures. There is no greater feeling than cleaning something up that is old and dirty and finding something you haven't seen before.  
One of the things that attracted us to “Days of Olde Antique Center” was that they are not just about Antiques. There is something there for everyone, from Trekkies, and Sci Fi items, to record lovers who are looking for the great album that they can't find . Sure they have antiques,vintage jewelry, tobacco memorabilia,Liquor advertisement bottles, antique furniture, boardwalk dolls, vintage clothing, china, tools, artwork, cookie jars, primitives and a whole assortment of other items. Most days you are greeted by Karl the general manager who is always pleasant and helpful.
It has been very exciting setting up my own booth which is constantly changing as items find a new home. I love to see peoples reactions when they see an item they remember from their childhood or past.Hearing them laugh out loud at times or find that must have item. For me at least these items are pieces of our past. Some is our own memories, and some items are much older then we are.
Its been great getting to know the other dealers at “Day’s of Olde Antique Center” and I can say everyone has been helpful and pleasant. Everyday I learn something new when it comes to Antiques, some little known fact or item. There are always events going on such as car shows in the parking lot, and at Christmas there is an open house that has seen a yearly growth in attendance. It is truly a great place with a positive helpful atmosphere. It is well worth it  to go look around, and browse so if you're in historic Smithville or taking a day to go to Atlantic City come on over. “Days of Olde Antique Center” is located at 110 South New York Road (Route 9), Galloway NJ 08205. They are open 7 days a week from 10:00am to 6:00pm except on Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can find them on the internet as well as on facebook.

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