Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Little Time All it Takes

Togetherness....... Sometimes a Really Good Thing
Steamed clams for two...

Being newly married Tom and I have both done the dance around with a prior partner. One of the things we both learned from our past was that you need to have some things in common such as values, interests, and humor. Life can be hard enough for any couple today, why make it harder. So we try to make it a point to do something together each week. This week we went out and picked up four cases of plum tomatoes and went to town making and canning salsa the way he likes it and the way I like mine. Yes we are knee deep in salsa for the year now.
In relationships it is alright to be different and to like different things. In fact that can be healthy. It is still important to make the time for each other to create and strengthen the bond to each other. So this weekend we started it out with a late night glass of wine with some steamed clams for two after our kids and grandson were in bed. Those little sanity breaks help so much because it allows you to actually talk to each other.
In our house there is usually someone underfoot or eagerly trying to listen to every conversation. It comes with having kids, and that is all part of why it is important to have that one on one time.If not to review strategies then to discuss what is and isn’t working and how to make it better. Talking to each other. Even with my grandson visiting this weekend, which by the way wore us both out as he eagerly blazes through the terrible two’s. We still made that time for each other.
"Cookie is the word of the
moment.."Cookie Nanna."
Tom is one of those unique men not unlike my late grandfather, “A Diamond In the Rough.” He can be extremely stubborn, and fiery yet he is extremely genuine and tells it like it is. Sometimes that can be a little awkward when he loses patience with people and says something that most would not have the nerve to say. Yet at the same time, he can be  silly and is the steadiest man I know.
He puts up with my quirks, which at 46 beleive me there are many. Taking in stride our different backgrounds, and interests. He manages to find joy in everyday, even when those days get hard. That is perhaps why as a person I have so much respect for him.

So here is the tip for the day, even if its stealing 20 mins after the kids are all in bed and the house is quite. We all need to keep that connection with our significant others strong. Finding the time to connect, communicate and appreciate each other during the week and even during the day is for us, what makes it work. I could sit here and go into all the little tiny things we both like but there is a list of things we do not do together as well.We do for each other, helping each other to accomplish tasks that to some may seem menial or unimportant. The respect we gain for each other by sharing the load is a big part of who we are as a couple.  At the end of the day I know when I go to bed I am with a man who is both my husband and friend who genuinely cares about me as much as I care about him and his well being.

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