Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Something Old and New

A Busy Summer

Finally back at the keyboard! Summer has been very busy this year. We joined the group of dealers at “Days of Olde Antique Center” in Galloway just a mile down the road from historic Smithville. This is one of my dreams come true. I grew up loving antiques and collectibles. Often going to auctions and sales searching for wonderful treasures. There is no greater feeling than cleaning something up that is old and dirty and finding something you haven't seen before.  
One of the things that attracted us to “Days of Olde Antique Center” was that they are not just about Antiques. There is something there for everyone, from Trekkies, and Sci Fi items, to record lovers who are looking for the great album that they can't find . Sure they have antiques,vintage jewelry, tobacco memorabilia,Liquor advertisement bottles, antique furniture, boardwalk dolls, vintage clothing, china, tools, artwork, cookie jars, primitives and a whole assortment of other items. Most days you are greeted by Karl the general manager who is always pleasant and helpful.
It has been very exciting setting up my own booth which is constantly changing as items find a new home. I love to see peoples reactions when they see an item they remember from their childhood or past.Hearing them laugh out loud at times or find that must have item. For me at least these items are pieces of our past. Some is our own memories, and some items are much older then we are.
Its been great getting to know the other dealers at “Day’s of Olde Antique Center” and I can say everyone has been helpful and pleasant. Everyday I learn something new when it comes to Antiques, some little known fact or item. There are always events going on such as car shows in the parking lot, and at Christmas there is an open house that has seen a yearly growth in attendance. It is truly a great place with a positive helpful atmosphere. It is well worth it  to go look around, and browse so if you're in historic Smithville or taking a day to go to Atlantic City come on over. “Days of Olde Antique Center” is located at 110 South New York Road (Route 9), Galloway NJ 08205. They are open 7 days a week from 10:00am to 6:00pm except on Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can find them on the internet as well as on facebook.

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