Thursday, September 12, 2013

Has Social Media Hurt Us As A Society

 Has Social Media Hurt Us As A Society
What would you do if it was all gone? 
     With the advent of cell phones, tablets, and computers the ability to blurt what we think and feel has become more prevalent. In all of this new wonderful technology where stars tweet their thoughts and people post parts of their lives on face book have we gone too far and lost our ability to form close connections with each other?
     It used to be you had a close circle of friends, that you talked to, confided in, and played with as a kid. In this world we live in today that personal connection seems to have fallen by the wayside.Lost behind both young and older people glued to their cell phones unable to turn away from the constant barrage of  mindless media. Where is this coming from you might ask? Well in the course of discussing a short story where a young man is attempting to flirt with a young woman at a party he inadvertently blurts out some very personal information.
     Not a big deal you might be thinking, but ask yourself how many times have you been in line at the grocery store or someplace else and a complete stranger starts telling you their life story. Things one would expect them to talk about with a close friend not a complete stranger. I know in my own life I've had it happen to me on more than one occasion and I am sure you have as well. I always come away feeling a little sad for the person.
     Is it possible that as technology increases we as a global society are losing those close interpersonal connections we once had? Are we losing our camaraderie as a species? Have we shut off that part of ourselves for the superficial. Or are we all turning into a bunch of “Attention whores,” as some would suggest. Needing the attention we are not getting in our own lives.
     Coming from a perspective of pre cell phones I can remember that we spent more time talking to each other. It was personal, and real. Not blurbs across a screen for immediate effect. We talk about moderation in our diets and exercise but why wouldn't you have moderation in your social media use. We know texting and using a cell phone while driving is dangerous yet many Americans still do so. Isn't that then a sign of lack of control or dare I say it out loud “addiction”.
I can remember taking my daughters cell phone away as a punishment . She would of course pitch a royal fit over how I was ruining her life. “REALLY” How is that actually possible.   What worries me is that as technology advances we are going to grow more and more disconnected from each other. Machines won't rule the world, but our insistence on isolating ourselves from the rest of the world through social media just might.
Technology isn't bad, so please do not get me wrong here there is a place for it. It allows us to see new much faster then watching it on TV. It also opens doorways to communicate with people we may not have seen in years. Or to stay in touch with loved ones overseas or away at college. Nothing is ever all good or all bad. the hard part is maintaining balance in the world we live in. For ourselves and those around us.
      Here is the challenge for today, at 5:00 put away your cell phone, ipad, computer and spend time with your family. Talk play cards interact with each other. When we focus on the people around us we allow ourselves to connect that is a part of being human. That compassion or connection that we can only obtain from just talking to each other instead of at each other. 

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