Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When Government Fails Its People

When Things Don’t Make Sense!!!!!
 Anyone who is walking, breathing,and living in this country would have to be dead to not see that there are so many things within our own government and culture that don’t make any sense at all. As a people we blindly follow along allowing bad policy, and rules to guide the course of our lives. Yet it feels like everytime I turn around I hear about another rule that makes little or no sense at all.

In a country that preaches about education and its importance why would you make it easier for a foreign legal or illegal student to attend college but squeezing the average person into student loans. I don’t know about you but that makes no sense to me, if the funding is there shouldn’t it go to the families and kids of the people paying the taxes in this country.Why say that we really  want kids to go to school yet make it as hard as possible for them.  I cannot tell you how many struggling college students I come across who work and try to cover their education costs themselves. Then to add insult to injury you have students from other countries receiving grants and scholarships as well as soliciting funding from the public at times online.
Lets not forget healthcare. Having worked in the industry I can tell you I have seen thousands in medical bills generated by illegal immigrants who seek treatment and never pay. Some even come here seeking medical treatment and then return to their own countries never paying a dime. Yet we will bash our own citizens over the heads with their medical bills denying charity care when in truth they very well may qualify. People say our government financial system is the equivalent to a ponzi scheme but believe me our healthcare system isn’t far behind it.
When I see young mothers unable to buy food for their kids because they just don’t qualify for assistance it makes me furious. When we all know there are individuals out there playing the system to their complete advantage.
Of course we mustn't leave out the prison inmates who were caught receiving unemployment benefits, or welfare while in jail. Yes this does happen, every single day. it makes me sick to think that either our intelligence level has drastically dropped or we have become such utter and complete pacifists that we no longer care about taking care of our own. Many of these programs had great intent when they were started. There was a need and our government attempted to meet that need. Here’s the thing, it isn’t working anymore. Sure there are those few who do manage to get assistance when they need it. The reality is that there are more people out there twisting these programs for their own benefit while those who do need it are left out in the cold.
I realize that it may seem foolish to be offended by the things that are going on. Truthfully don’t you think we owe it to our kids, grandkids and future generations to fix the problem. Revamp the system before it self implodes from our own stupidity.

I know I have been saying the poo is eventually going to hit the fan, and I personally do still believe that. All anyone has to do is open there eyes and look to see just what we are doing to ourselves. Our politicians can't seem to get their acts together or their heads out of their backsides, and follow the rules that were originally set down. They have spent years twisting and perverting the laws that our forefathers wrote down and fought for over a century ago.
Personal gain shouldn’t be a part of the equation for the politicians running this country. Those nice little side perks some have set up for themselves like double pensions while working at one job and holding one on paper. Serving special interest groups and lobbyists who represent large corporations. Should never have been allowed to happen. Yet here we are years later making the problem worse every year until eventually there won't be anything left. Just a country owned by a foreign land  with a people owned by a foreign country. Kinda sounds like what we were fighting against in the first place.

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