Saturday, September 07, 2013

Year Three The Home Stretch.......

The Home Stretch
Its who you are with that makes
the journey worthwhile
As another year of school begins, it isn't surprising that life has grown even busier. Between the store, classes, family emergencies and all the other things that go on in life it is a relief to be back in school. This year I only need 4 classes to graduate, so this is the home stretch. This semester its creative writing and math. I am honestly looking forward to learning a lot this year. I am always amazed by the things I get to experience.
Year three is the wrap up for my Associates degree and I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been following along on this journey. It isn't always easy to juggle everything, and as I move closer to my goal I find there are more things I want to do. All too often their are not enough hours in the day. So today I am canning like a madwoman, more tomatoes and string beans today.
My EBay store is doing well and I have started to take on consignment for a few people including my mother. Who I have decided likes earning money from it but really has no interest in doing it herself. However she is the queen in my book at finding good antique bargains to sell. I am always learning from her.
Tom and I have settled into a routine of sorts, which involves helping each other with the canning. Working together at things keeps us on the same page. It helps that we share some of the same interests. We are each others cheerleader in life as I move on with mine he is moving on towards starting his own business within the next couple of months geared towards home defense and self defense. I am really excited for him because this is his dream.
Almost there. 
Always near mommy. 
In all of this running around trying to get everything going in the right direction, my Aunt passed away this past week. I will get something posted this week, in her remembrance. So it was also a sad time in our house as well.
I keep plugging along and am already thinking about next year and going to Kean or Stockton. If nothing more I hope after reading about my journey it will inspire someone else to follow their own dreams. Go after that degree if its what you want, or even if it is to take a few classes. What I have learned from being with Tom is that life is too short to sit around waiting for life to happen. You have to embrace every day as if it were your last and take the time to share it with those you love.
Patton and Annabelle are here at my feet, as always while I write. Both have been into their usual mischief. Annabelle decided she was going to be friends with a chipmunk that lives in our back yard this year. She would stand and watch him scurry behind a board or along the fence. Getting as close as she could then jumping back when he would move. It’s been rather funny to watch. My dogs are my babies and always with me, when I go outside or in they have to follow.
One of the things I learned during my first day in of Creative writing is how talented these kids really are and how hard it is to put what you write out there for others to review. If nothing more I hope this will help me tap deeper into that creative side of myself and allow me to grow as a writer. The Math class, well we all know how I feel about math. I will be getting tutoring as needed up at the College. It is truly great that they are their to help anyone who asks.
I am looking forward to this part of my journey, and am going to endeavor to get more involved at school this year. It should be interesting to see how this year goes.

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