Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Getting Away From It All......

I can't describe just how beautiful it is here. 
This past weekend we were fortunate enough to get out of Dodge for the weekend. we didn't go to some fancy resort, nor to the casino’s, or some tropical retreat but instead went up to a cabin with no running water, trees as far as the eye can see and millions of stars. Sometimes it is an important part of keeping a family strong. Every so often we do manage to get away back to nature where there are no cell phones, TV’s , or computers. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about this is because it forces us as a family to work together to accomplish things.
Yes we did work this weekend cleaning up brush, talking to each other, helping as a family to make dinner, laughing, and relaxing in between. We all slept in the same room in 6 bunk beds with two dogs and 5 people. Was it a little crowded sure but it was fun and peaceful.
Sometimes in life we need to get away from all the stresses that crowd in on us from all directions. Lets face it with a president and congress that only seem to be interested in bickering like children  there isn't anything we can do to change that. Other than to roll with it for now and pray for something  better. So off to the woods we went this weekend fully knowing that come Monday, my husband could very well be one of the 800,000 who were told that they were on furlough  again until the government can get their heads out of their backsides. 
 (Who would have thought that working for the government meant a lack of job stability.)

We made the move in this direction for several reasons, one my husband loves to hunt and this is in a great area for that. Secondly its a great place to take the kids and, “Get the Heck out of here!” As my grandpa used to say.
My nine year old is forced to play games instead of watching TV or Burying his head in the computer. Another thing that makes this get away location great is it is so peaceful and quiet we are literally in the middle of the woods.
Saturday night as I stood out on our porch, looking up at the millions of stars I hadn't seen in a really long time. I couldn't help but to be moved by the beauty of my surroundings. The night air was crisp, and cool the cabin was warm from the fire we had in our wood burning stove. Everyone was fed and relaxing talking or playing cards. It was perfect, in every way for what we are looking to do and for teaching our kids about a more respectful way to live here.
Lets face it I love New Jersey but we have so many rules that it is next to impossible to enjoy anything anymore without someone taking issue. It is one of the things that makes it hard to live here, especially if you grew up in this state and were fortunate enough to live during a time when kids were actually allowed to be kids and use their imagination to amuse themselves.
This was our first view of this lovely little cabin
with a little work its now a haven. 
This is the way we take our sanity break as a family, and it works. We each find our relaxation in different ways and it is important to remember to do something together. All too often life can be messy or difficult, it can be hard to step back and remember what family is all about, but it is a necessary part of staying strong together.
In a world set on pushing families further and further apart holding on to what makes us strong is what matters.

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