Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hurricane Sandy After The Storm

On the anniversary of hurricane Sandy’s dramatic hit on New Jersey last year the question still does remain are we in a better place. Living here at the shore it is interesting to see the many articles that the papers have been putting out. Some show how there are still many struggling to recover. Others take the stand that it is all better, with only minor issues.
When Sandy hit we were fortunate, located inland enough that the water wasn't a factor. The wind and tree damage was, power lines, trees, homes, and even cars were destroyed. I know many people who did literally lose everything they had including their homes. People who live here tend to be scrappy, survivors. They will dig in, when it gets tough and stubbornly push their way through. Despite the funds that organizations like The Red Cross collected and then didn’t put into restoring the shore. Or several of the other charities that were here for their publicity shots, but when push came to shove, they were the same greedy bastards that they have always been putting a minimal amount of what is raised into recovery and the rest in their executives pockets.
There are and where several organizations that did spring up that put the money were it was meant to go, such as our own Governor Christie’s Charity that was started to rebuild. Those funds are still going where they are needed.
Many Homes sit gutted while
people have to wait. 
It is true that some people are still fighting with Fema and other federal organizations (Who did turn out to be pretty useless.)  and their banks who are holding funds hostage. The problem for some isn't that the money isn't there, it is that they have made it so complicated for people to actually get what they need to fix the problems and meet the new guidelines for flood zones. It is understandable in a way, that the banks want to make sure the repair is going to be made. However that is still no excuse for a financial institution to hold off on paying someone the money needed to begin repairing their homes and lives. Nor is it right that once you finally get all your needed paperwork in to FEMA or HUD you must redo said paperwork again at 6 months. The process needs to be mainstreamed to get the funds where they will do the most good. Not into the pockets of people who haven’t had their lives destroyed.
Many of the changes people have to make near the water are very expensive to do (and of course some contractors are taking advantage.) So if you're a regular piney living near the beach, you may be beat, or have to tough it through to get someone to help you sort through all the paperwork.

It is hard to pick up the pieces and for many,what was lost cannot always be replaced. There is still so much that was pulled out to sea and is now just sitting in the bays and off the shore polluting the waterways. Chemicals that were in peoples homes, appliances, cars and even entire homes. New Jersey may be strong enough to survive the storm but rebuilding in the economy we are all living in has also taken for many, their ability to rebuild an remain here in New Jersey.

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