Sunday, October 13, 2013

Politicians Behaving Badly The Mo Money Syndrom

A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me. 
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Over the past several weeks I have been trying very hard to take the high road in regard to the furlough and nonpayment of the over 800,000 government employees. Frankly it is beyond absurd that while our politicians in Washington pose, and behave like irresponsible little boys the rest of the government employees are working for free. Under the good faith that they will eventually be paid. Many are currently working without a paycheck, what they are being told is to call their creditors and let them know they are not getting a paycheck from the government and to put off their bills until the government can get this all sorted out. Really?
Does anyone else not see the pathetic welfare state our government has put its employees in? I was beyond disgusted when president Obama came out and said he would not negotiate with congress. Maybe its me but does that stink just a little bit of dictatorship? Don't get me wrong between the democrats, republicans, and tea partyists the whole thing is corrupt including the President. No one group is better than the other and each owes big corporations their loyalty. Who gets screwed us, the little guy.
So lets ask a basic question here if you are financially over extended would a bank give you more money so you  can get further into the hole? I dont know about your bank but mine operates under the premise that you have to have something to borrow against something tangible. Since President Obama has been in office we as a country have had our credit rating drop once already because his answer is to raise the debt ceiling so we can  pay our bills.
Hmm you can't pay your employees, you can't balance your books, and you're acting like a King (King Barak) but yeah ok, we should definitely add to the problem by doing what you say. That has worked out so well over the past five years with you at the helm. Now at least President Obama is willing to talk. at least long enough to temporarily raise the debt ceiling. (Mo Money, mo money, mo money.)
What is by far most frustrating in all of this is that statistically the majority of us know continuing the way we have been is a very bad idea. Its bad to keep raising the debt ceiling to pay our debts. Its bad to overextend ourselves just to keep the train going.
“(King) Obama, warns us that if we don’t give him what he wants(more money) our home values will drop and our 401K’s would be hit as well. “ ( Didn’t we ditch an English King who always had his hand out for more money, because he told us he needed it?
Its good to be King..
The most galling part in all of this is that it isn't just the salaries of the 800,000 that are on hold. It could very well include the pensions of our retired military if this goes on much longer. (Thats a bunch I wouldn't want to piss off.) Mind you no one is saying that out loud yet but that is the feeling and message being sent.
Our government needs to get their heads out of their backsides and do their job. Get a budget approved, and stop trying to raise the debt ceiling to solve your problems. I really want to be able to leave something to my kids and grandkids someday.
I can't fault Boehner for trying to hold out for some adjustment to Obama Care, nor to the suggestion that was made that it be mandatory for politicians to participate in it all the way to the whitehouse. (It was after all their wonderful health care plan, I would think they would have jumped at the chance to show the American public just how great it is.) But that idea was reject.

Either way this irresponsible behavior needs to stop before there is no point to return from. We need to fix this and if that means writing millions of letters to President Obama directly and letting him know he isn't doing his job,or to our congress, and our senate then so be it. Our country is based on the premise of government for the people by the people, the original constitution didn’t include Big Blood Sucking Corporations, that are now calling the shots or men who would pretend to be Kings.

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