Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holidays Time To Remember What its About

With the holidays around the corner,  I all too often find myself reminded of family and friends who have passed on. Perhaps that may seem a bit morbid to some, but what I hold onto aren’t just the memories but the traditions they shared with us during their own lives. So many of our kids today seem to be getting further and further away from that. Although some may be dated or called old fashioned (like making and gifting cookies) they are a part of whom we are, and where we all come from.
In our house,  Thanksgiving and Christmas are full of traditional, and not so traditional idea’s. We always try to include our extended circle, because we are all family. It’s easy to forget those whose family member  has passed away. We are all busy trying to accomplish as much as we possibly can in the few short hours we have each day. Try to take five minutes out of your day to say hello and include them in your  holiday.
Forgetting those little things that as children made us smile or had us looking forward to the holidays for some special treat, is what we need to hold onto. Not how many toys or gifts we got, not even who spent the most on their gift. In our zeal,  we seem to have lost track of the idea behind these special days. Many of our malls and stores are now open on most holidays.
As we grow and open up as a culture, we  all need to learn how to embrace other holidays and traditions that may be new to us. Here’s the thing. When we landed here, our traditions and our customs weren't automatically picked up by those who were already living here, Nor do I believe did we embrace their traditions.
Even the foods we eat are based on tradition
With so many mixed family’s today instead of clinging so tightly to your own way of doing things, find out what their traditions are? If you know your  friends or family have different cultural beliefs then take a moment and find out what, their practices are. Open your heart and home so no one is left sitting at home on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or even Hanukkah while they eat a frozen turkey dinner alone.
By protecting not only your own traditions but those of your extended family who may be with you over the holidays you're creating a bridge. One that doesn’t just bridge gaps but  will help you carry your traditions forward through your kids and family. In my own life,  there are some traditions that came from my first marriage and some from my early childhood that I share with my own kids. Little things that made me appreciate the holidays just a little bit more. As a wife and mother in a new marriage,  I feel it is vital to embrace my husbands beliefs, as well. Its about mixing as a couple and family.

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