Friday, November 29, 2013

When the Thanks Goes Out of Thanksgiving

   Have you ever questioned why the Thanks seems to be missing from Thanksgiving. Having grown up in a small town that rolled up the streets on Sunday’s and holidays I was allowed to live the experience of a community that seemed to value remembering the holidays. As I have watched my own kids grow up I am saddened by the world we seem to be living in today, A world where it's no longer about remembering or being appreciative for those who came before. Its not about being a real holiday to be enjoyed by family but has grown into something far less valuable and shallow.
     Instead, its become about stores opened at 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving, and what is for sale that you must have. I know there are many who may not understand this, but we lose something when we feed into the shopping madness that occurs this time each year. Its easy to give in to the great sales, because after all who doesn’t want a bargain when shopping for Christmas with so many to buy for.
     In my own family,  Thanksgiving was always about family, watching the football games on TV, “March of the Wooden Soldiers”, and enjoying a big dinner with everyone. More than that though it was a holiday where we were all allowed to stop and take a breath and just be a family. Certain families change as children grow up and get married, (kids move away) starting their own traditions. The concept of the family, is what is important here, (it’s all in the sharing your time with each other) that mattered the most.
     This year we did our Thanksgiving thing, which involved me cooking up some things to bring to my moms this morning, with my daughters helping and my husband slipping out for a couple of hours of hunting. Some years we have dinner here, and other years dinner is either at my parents home or my brothers. The thing is, its in the routine, and what you make of it. We have holidays for a reason, and what I find is that as I get older each is being corrupted by the retail industry, or forgotten and devalued. Yes,  we do make the choice doing this to ourselves. If we give up our traditions, and Holidays, because maybe they are old fashioned, unfavorable, or just not in style anymore. Are we then giving up a piece of whom we are as a society? Are we deliberately pushing our own heritage under the carpet as worthless because we are "to enlightened to hold anything important other than ourselves?"
   When all of that's gone, and there are no traditions left here in the United States because this culture feels it discriminates against their beliefs, or that religious group doesn’t approve of the message.  In fact, giving into a type of peer pressure seems to be the new standard/ Some of our traditions have been around for almost 150 years, and sure some have changed and evolved. That's healthy and natural but right now where we are today is at a turning point of turning our backs on a part of our past that should be important. It should matter to us and our kids. If we aren’t teaching them those traditions then shame on us. If, we allow the powers that be to drive right over those same traditions aren’t we just as much to blame as they are?
     As we move into a more disposable society, maybe we should think about keeping some of those Holiday’s we like having and keep them actual Holiday’s. The stores open at midnight, that is a more recent commercial tradition. Soon those same stores may just stay open and not close at all. For the sole purpose of getting you to spend your money.
     You can't keep your family in your life when they chose to move away, but you can teach your kids what those holidays mean, and why that do matter. Wouldn’t it be better  passing along  our tradition to our young that are worth having? One's that are rich in our own family's past that they can pass on to their own kids. When we drop the ball it does play it forward until sometimes there is nothing left. I hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving, one that was rich in traditions that may seem trivial or old fashioned but still  make you feel great inside.

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