Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Home Stretch

Finishing What We Start
     Finally another semester comes to its end. It is with perhaps a little bit of sorrow that I close the door on this one. For myself,  I found the experience of getting to know my classmates in Creative Writing an experience I will never forget. When you write you lay a part of yourself bare. In part  to put the emotion into it,  you have to commit to the work. When you don’t, it does show in the writing. So this particular class was at times hard, not because the work was difficult. I love to write, it is simply a part of  whom I am.
     What was hard at first was allowing others to  see my own work and how my process goes. It isn’t easy to hear others critique your words, or make suggestions on how to improve that idea. What for me was bittersweet was being allowed the opportunity to sit in a class with so many truly talented young people. (God I can’t believe I said that.) They are the future of writing, in a world that has evolved into blogs, and internet publishing. There skills and talent as future writers is amazing, and I know should they choose to pursue it they will be a gift to the world of literature.
     Yes,  even my Statistics class is finally done, and I have to admit I did far better than I ever expected to. Which is amazing in and of itself as I was terrified of taking it. Math as I have said is not my strong suite. Unless its an accounting sheet, I am usually stumped.

     So here I sit. My desk looks like a bomb has gone off on it. Cluttered with items for the store, papers to file and paperwork to go through. Dogs snoring away in their pen. Juggle juggle juggle! It is a huge part of my life, that  keeps a balance in my home.
     Today I learned that little boys can be incredible people to. That their capacity for kindness can far exceed the rest of the worlds expectations. I am a proud mom and am blessed with wonderful kids. So its time to take a deep breath, and dive into Christmas before it starts all over again for the next leg of my journey. I don’t mind how busy life can be, I just wish there were more hours in a day so I could get more done and maybe sleep in once in a while.
     In looking back over this journey, I am amazed that I am on the final leg or final semester. Come May, I will be graduating, and I am proud of how far I have managed to get down this road. I know that my husband is a big part of my getting where I am. He doesn't always understand the exactly what I am after, but he is here for me and supports me even when he winds up in bed alone some nights hours before me.
     There are people who make us better human beings just by being a part of our lives. They challenge us, fight with us, and love us despite our idiotic tangents. Real love makes you a better person then you were. It isn’t about changing who you are but completing you as a person. Balance. I can think of no one more important to have standing in that crowd come May then my  husband Tom and my family. They are a big part of this journey. They have dealt with my snarky moods when work, home and school have gotten to be too much.  Those moments when I looked at an assignment and thought “My god how am I ever going to get this done.” Their steady support and love is so much more than I could have ever hoped for.
     It is the glue that keeps me sane in an insane world. Its what makes me laugh when I want to cry, and gives me hope for the world we all live in. Someone once said how does a 90 pound woman eat a whole bear. One bite at a time. School and life are like that, anything is possible if you take it one step one moment at a time.

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