Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back Over 2013 A Year Remembered

  This past year, not unlike others was filled with triumph and heartbreak. A year ago today I was getting ready to take a long trip to Smithville South Carolina to marry my husband. It was both an exciting time and a scary time for us. We had only lost our Gunny in November, and our family was still pretty heartbroken over the loss.
     Our year started out with new beginnings though, a marriage, and a new puppy to share our home giving us hope and peace. School continued on with classes that kept me busy and on track. Work of course was a constant in our lives, not unlike for everyone else. This year had my one daughter and grandson moving in with her dad to save money and go back to school. Meanwhile, Chrissy and I chugged along at OCC. Getting closer to our degree’s.
     Opening a new store at Days of Olde in historic Smithville NJ was a huge step that has brought new friends and purpose into my life. I have found one of my passions that gives me real pleasure in life. I enjoy every aspect of what I am doing, and I believe it does show, when people come through my booth.
     This was the year I also started a new blog about saving money in our current economy. It was a start of something new as my writing evolves on a subject I felt I could contribute to. I look forward to writing more articles under both blogs and keep the story going.
     This year we also lost two people who were close to our hearts. My aunt Judy Beckman, and my daughters long time friend Derek Russell. Both were family in their own way and had become an integral part of our lives. Both will be deeply missed as time moves on the memories they gave us a gift to remind us that life is special and to be cherished.
     So looking forward I am ready to graduate and finish up my degree. I am still on the fence about diving right back in at Stockton and pursuing my Bachelors or taking a year off to write. Regardless I am looking forward to walking in graduation come May and accomplishing the goal I set almost three years ago.
   This January 4 is also our Anniversary, and I am grateful I was able to marry my best friend. It was a year filled with adjustments, love and laughter. Life changed, and it stayed the same. Marrying Tom was a beginning and an end to a dance we had done for almost five years together. I find that we are completely in each others lives for good, and we are both  better human beings for that.
    The new store is thriving and doing well, far better than I expected or dreamed was possible. The eBay side of it is also growing in leaps and bounds and will continue to grow as a part of my business. I’m looking forward to possibly expanding the store to include another booth should the opportunity present itself.
     My kids and grandson are all becoming amazing individuals, and I can only marvel at them. They each allow me to love them and be a part of their lives. This life is filled with laughter and humor.
 Our cabin is turning out to be a true haven. It is both a place of beauty and solitude where as a family we can communicate better with each other without the outside world interfering. A reminder of simpler times where cell phones and traffic are not a factor. We will continue to refurbish  the cabin. We are also looking forward to growing it into what we need our getaway to be.
     My babies, Annabelle and Patton, are a constant source of laughter for me and remind me that there are other things more important than writing at times. They make me take time to  sit and rub the belly. While still being the playful bulldogs that they are, no two puppies could be better pet companions than my two girls.
     I know life will give us what it chooses to, but I find myself looking forward to the adventures and trips on our journey. Every new day brings something worth learning. So here it is I am grateful for where I have been and blessed to have been there. I look forward to the upcoming year and all of the adventures it will bring us as a family.

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