Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Merry Christmas" More Then Just Two Words

Now that Christmas is over, the gifts have been given, the tree stands alone its bright lights dimmed for another year. Its time to begin anew as we wind down the year. I am often surprised by the number of almost guilty “Merry Christmas’s” I hear and those moments when good Samaritans stick there head out and do good. This year was tight but with careful planning we all made it through. In this desensitized world we live in I often forget that there are still decent people who hold true to their beliefs, despite the extremes of the left wing. No its not politically correct to say “Merry Christmas”, in fact I can remember being told at one time while working for a big retailer that we were to say “Happy Holidays” so we didn’t offend someone.
My question however is this, If you or I chose to express our beliefs which last time I checked we still had a right to why should that be wrong? Why isn’t it ok to say Merry Christmas if you believe in Christmas? Does that make you an insensitive jerk or perhaps it just means that you’re stating a well intended wish to someone in passing almost like saying thank you when someone holds a door open.I know I am over simplifying this but isn’t it after all a simple phrase, “Merry Christmas.” The world didn’t end because I said it, and how hard is it to just say thank you if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Isn’t it respectful for you to respect my beliefs just as you insist i need to respect yours.
We spend a lot of time splitting hairs over what is politically correct and what isn’t. For what? So one group can point a finger and declare that your beliefs are wrong? For a country that was first settled by individuals who desired the right to practice their faith without someone persecuting them we have again gone full circle. Unfortunately there aren’t any new lands to settle so we all need to suck it up. Unless of course you want to move to another country that may follow your ideals. I don’t see a mass exodus of people so I think that one’s a bust.
So here is the deal, I respect your beliefs, your spiritual choices, sexual choices, marital choices, and all of the choices regarding how you as an individual decide to live your life. Then you can back off and respect mine. If my beliefs include Christ being born on Christmas, or I chose to believe in Santa you RESPECT that belief.
What is most aggravating to me as a citizen of this great country we all live in is that when someone chooses to express their beliefs if those beliefs do not agree with what is considered to be politically correct, certain people feel this bizarre need to judge. As if some actually woke up one day and gave up their rights to these individuals or groups. Yet when there is real social injustice those same groups have nothing useful to say.
Not a word is heard from these groups when songs come out about capping someone, raping someone, who’s yo babies daddy, or just plain old violence towards women.. That apparently is politically Ok. Where is the hypocrisy in this lovely country we live in, why simple it's in our government, the media, Hollywood, and organizations that demand respect but can't seem to respect someone's spiritual views at a venue that is directly related to those same views.
Yes I am mentioning the Phil Robertson comments because it does all relate. How ignorant do you have to be to blast someone for their religious believes when there expressed in a church setting that pertains to that faith. If my grandma were still alive she would say the same thing. That isn’t disrespecting you ninnie heads! So instead of being offended and demanding off with their head how about allowing the man to his beliefs. Just as you want to be respected for  and allowed to voice yours.
I do consider myself a support of American rights there is no gender line, no religious line, and certainly no judgement line. RESPECT is a two way street, you want it but you're unwilling to give it. That is a form of discrimination  all by itself.
Merry Christmas, God Bless, both phrases  are not considered politically correct.What we say is our right just as you have the right to say what you want and not be judged. I get to say “Merry Christmas.”

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