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Racism Not Really In the Past Where it Should Be

One of the things that have always amazed me as an observer of people is the ongoing need for racist views. Now you may be thinking that I am talking about discrimination from a normal standpoint of European American  individuals against Hispanics or African Americans. Unfortunately, I am not. What I am talking about is the stupid level of reverse discrimination that does exist in the world we live in.

If you really think about it, today when there are so many couples of mixed origin you would think we as a culture would be past that. After all if we're honest those lines in the sand that existed 40 to 100 years ago really don't exist. What I find disturbing is when people of mixed origin will tell their kids to find a nice girl of a particular race that is equivalent to what they think they are or whom they chose to identify with.

Racism hurts everyone
     This is rather foolish because genetic studies of the population have already shown that we are all more closely related than was believed prior. In other words,  many of us come from the same gene pool. So when a person of African American descent asks their kid why they cant find a nice African American girl I do tend to take offense. Why?
      The simple truth is that when men like Martin Luther King fought for civil rights, he was fighting for equality to be treated like everyone else. His dream has been twisted, and corrupted by ignorance of what he and others envisioned the world as. Doing away with those lines in the sand was a big part of his goal and part of that does mean not turning around now and deliberately teaching our young to segregate themselves from the outside world.
     It also means not making excuses to not  fire someone who isn't doing their job because they are labeled a minority. How is that not racism, most people go to work do their job and earn a pay check. Yet if your have been classified as a minority your safe because no one wants to be accused of racism. Ironically others who have also been labeled as a minority who do work and do their jobs feel the same frustration with a system that has been exploited. Who hasn't come across that person who plays the system for everything they can because they know they are safe no matter what they do.
     This goes for people who use languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, or even Japanese to keep others out. It is the same kind of elitist segregation that many from all different cultures fought against when they came to this country when it was young. Anywhere you look you can still see individuals holding on to ignorant separatist ideals that make them feel superior to others.

Hate is taught
     When your standing in a line to check out and you hear someone speaking in Russian, or
Spanish it is no different. If you want to be a part of something bigger then change, is important. Respect for languages and rules that are in place is necessary, or we fall into chaos not unlike we are headed now.
     As a loving grandma to a grandson who is half Ecuadorian, I am stymied when I hear that people are still holding fast to racist ideals. Sad if you think about the fact that it isn’t  the “European Americans” who are behaving so badly. Who would have thought that you could refer to people as a racist who weren’t card carrying members of the KKK.  
      We talk about equality but isn’t it a two way street, one that allows for all people to be treated with dignity and respect. When we teach our children that one race, faith, sexual orientation, or color is unacceptable, we are, in fact, teaching hate. Yet we sit here and make excuses based on a past, that is in the past for these ignorant choices. Yes,  ignorant when you push your kids to marry someone of a particular color, race, sexual orientation or religion.
Children don't see each other as different. 
     We are all supposed to be enlightened we teach it in our schools yet from the White House on down children are still being taught to draw that line in the sand. They are being taught to see the difference, when we are all just people who should be past this. There isn’t one cultural group that hasn’t suffered some atrocity in their past, let it go! Be smart enough to get past the ignorance of the past and reach for a united future that doesn’t see our differences but sees us each as individuals and what we can accomplish as a whole. 

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