Friday, January 10, 2014

The Best Part of Christmas

Pieces of the Past..

     With Christmas and New Years over its time to take the decoration off the tree if you haven’t already and pack them up for next year. I’ve never really minded this part of it or the decorating. Why? Well in part because having a birthday in December I find I get into the holiday spirit fairly well. The main reason though is because it allows me to revisit snapshots of my life with my kids.
     Yes,  I am one of those nerdy parents who kept each one of those lovely treasures my kids made for me growing up for Christmas to hang on the tree. Each little decoration is special and unique and takes me on a journey of their lives and childhood. At Christmas time,  those are the first decorations to go on my tree and the last to come off. It makes me feel good to be able to see the journey of where we were then and where we are now. A small reminder of the joy our kids take in giving, as well.
     I still have those ornaments we made for our tree the first year I was divorced. Four simple little beaded stars the girls worked on for hours. They help me to remember that the hard times are a part of life. Those struggles help us all to reach inside of ourselves and be creative, to give to on another. To use our imaginations to make Christmas good and memorable.  Some time during life's hardest moments our children can teach us the most about the human spirit. I know mine sure did, and I am grateful for that each and every day.
     With the merging of two families,  our tree is pretty much filled now with ornaments that we have both collected over the years. I am grateful to have them, because even though I know our kids are growing up and moving on with their own lives some heading in different directions we are still able to keep a small piece of them with us. I think its important to remember those we love especially during the holidays. Its all to easy to get caught in the moment. Focusing on the  presents and gift giving so that we forget that the greatest gift we have are the ones we love.

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